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 DRESS HERE      –      BIKINI HERE  & HERE  (I have size S in both)    –      DRESS HERE


Hi babes! Summer is finally here! As you know I was in Ibiza and Formentera. Aaah it was super beautiful! I can’t believe I had never been there before. Can’t wait to go back when the water is a little warmer. But it was nice to go there now because I can just imagine how many tourists will go there in July/August.

Like you will see in the vlog I brought this new bikini from the Doutzen Stories by Hunkemöller collection with me, and some of their beach wear. I love the dresses because they are very light, comfortable and perfect to wear to the beach. It also looks good of course hehe. And that bikini is so me!! I love the details of it. Love, N.

#DoutzenStories www.hunkemoller.es 

– In collaboration with Hunkemöller

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  1. Ellen on

    I’m going to Barcelona this summer, and I think it would be a great idea if you could do like a “tour-guide” of Barcelona, with your favorite places, cafés, shopping etc. Either a blogpost or a youtube-video. I think many people would enjoy that!

  2. s on

    You have so many amazing swimwear! Summer is around the corner and many of us are looking for some ideas. Why don’t you make a post or vlog with your favourite ones? If you do show l o t s o f t h e m! (they don’t have to be from this years collection )

  3. Leona Ljubičić on

    You seem like a very nice, kind person and most of all very positive. I felt the need to write this kind of comment and compliment you because it is great to see such a nice, inspiring young person who creates interesting and beautiful content. Every time I watch your new video I can’t wait to see the next one. I think that it is important for this world to have positive and inspiring people. You and Oscar obviously make a great team.

    Greetings from sunny Croatia!

  4. Nicole on

    beautiful post! But I really miss your daily uploads on here 🙁 I liked them, even if there wasn’t anything big to tell us

  5. Hannah on

    Emelie I have been missing you on the blog and would love to see some new posts! Your latest youtube video was great and am loving your channel but I am also missing the regular oufit posts ! haha

    You are style is a great inspiration and I have been loving your content.

    <3 Hannah xx

  6. Kajsa on

    Hej! Vet inte om det bara är jag, men din blogg har fastnat på det här inlägget för mig? Jag ser inga nya uppdateringar. Tänkte tipsa om fler har samma! 🙂


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