9:58 | May 16, 2017



Jacket: Zara // Pants: Guess // Bag: Balenciaga // Shirt: H&M // Sunglasses: Forever21 // Boots: Dr Martens

Hello babes! I hope you are fine. I have been recording the whole day and tomorrow the schedule looks the same. By the way I’m maybe going to L.A again in the end of the month, wihoo! Back to my favourite city. And then we are going straight from L.A to Paris. Got so many plans for May/June it’s quite crazy. By the way do you like the look? I’m in love with these red pants, it’s from GUESS new collection. I’m going to pack now, we are off to Vilanova tomorrow and on Saturday it’s time for a Tommy Hilfiger event in Madrid. Love, N

17 Responses to “FAVOURITE PANTS”

  1. Léa Gaborieau on

    I loooove your style, especially your jacket is so beautiful. I’m French and I have been follow you for 2 weeks and I love what do you do. You are so pretty and so fabulous!!! How lucky you are to go in LA !!!

  2. Lena on

    Can you tell what video it is going to be?😬 Love yours so much and cant wait to see the next one 🙊 Much fun in villanova ❤ Love Lena

  3. Naiara on

    Hola! He visto que vais a Ibiza! Yo también voy en julio! Me gustaría que me recomendaras sitios cuando vayas (si vas antes), donde os vais a alojar, alquiler coche, restaurantes, etc..

  4. Jackie on

    Hi!! I love these photos- I know you use light room to edit your pictures, but which filter specifically do you guys use? Also it would be really cool for oscar to do some behind the scenes editing how-to videos for instagram and YouTube!



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