8:01 | May 4, 2017



Photos from L.A 

Los Angels is photogenic, in many different ways. I recommend you to rent a car if you go to LA, they have the worst public transport and there are so many different places you can visit. The places are not always close to each other that’s why I think it’s good to rent the car at least a couple of days. Malibu has to be on your list! We went there one of the days and it was so beautiful, you maybe saw some of the scenes in my vlog, click HERE if you haven’t seen it. By the way the photo of my and Oscar kissing on the cliff is taken by a tourist haha..I love it so much, thinking about putting it into a frame? We want to go to L.A in the end of June but everyone is telling me not to go. So we are thinking about going to New York since I’ve never been there! But first up is Paris in the end of May and then Sweden. I also want to visit Janni in Marbella this summer, I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy summer this year! Love, N

Next time I go to L.A:

– Go to the flea market, hike, go to Santa Monica pier and do a road trip to somewhere. 

26 Responses to “L.A PHOTOS”

  1. Esther on

    Will you go to Stockholm in May then? I am going in August (fist timer) and would love a post/video or so with tips from you about what to see/do 💖💖💖🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Hieke on

    So adventurous, love it! Hahaha isn’t it awkward though to ask someone taking a picture of you and Oscar kissing? I am in LOVE with the photo, it’s so cute <3 Compliments for the tourist hehe x

  3. Pamela on

    Dear Taz,
    It’s been a long time I watch every single things you post (blog, vlogs, photos..), and I would like to tell you that you’re just SOOO nice ! I have a suggestion for your next Vlog : why don’t you come to Provence in the South of France ? It is a very beautiful place at the crossroads from hills and sea, there are a lot of natural spots where shooting (Les Baux de Provence, Marseilles…), and it is very touristic… It is the place to be fro all French and yet it has never been spotlighted in any blogs, I hope you will be the first one to discover this unexpected amazing place !!
    Stay as you are, you’re just perfect 🙂
    Say hello to Oscar !
    Bye guys 😉

  4. Dejlina on

    Hi, do you make a make-up video or at least what products do you use?
    You are always beautifully painted, especially by using beautiful lipsticks.
    Thank you for answe, you are great 🙂

  5. 33Brianne on

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  6. Marija on

    Amazing pics! Can I ask you what do you use to edit your pics? (old effect, small points)…
    Many thanks!

  7. Elinor on

    Hi! Im going to LA in the end of summer wiho, and r suppose to rent a car. Do you have any destination-must-go, tips etc? Love


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