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I place I really can recommend in LA is Toast Bacery Cafe

The only “problem” was that it was way to much food for me haha. I don’t think you can see how big the pancakes are but they were huge. The worst thing I know is throwing food but I was with two guys so I didn’t have to leave anything behind haha. But yes, if you’re not super hungry when you go there, share it with a friend. And oh, I really recommend the peanut butter smoothie! The place had a “normal LA price” which means around 12-15€ for the pancakes depending on what pancakes you wanted and if you wanted to add anything extra. This place is also located quite central, close to Sunset Boulevard.

By the way after reading through your comments I’ve decided to keep my posts personal with a mix of more “inspiration” posts! Many of you guys also wanted a bit more tips on my blog such as recipes, shopping places, restaurants so I will try to include that as well. I will just not do it as often. We are home from LA now but I still got some stuff to show you! Lots of love, N 

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  1. Rose on

    I LOVE your blog (and YouTube). You should do a post or a video about all your favourite places in Barcelona. It would be SUPER useful.

  2. Dalal on

    Glad you decided to keep the personal posts <3 we also want to know more about your blogging success stoty. How did you start and when did it become a job? Bisous


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