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Hello babes! I hope you’re fine. I’m having a really good time in LA. Last night I went out eating with Alexandra, Angelica & Kenza. It was really cozy even though we had pretty crazy conversations hahaha..We have rented a car so we are going to  explore LA with it today.

Sorry for not updating so good. I have actually thought about stop blogging everyday and start with 2-3 posts/week instead. Maybe 4..Like every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday? And really share something I like not just Hi I had a coffee around the corner it was so good..No but you get what I mean like not “empty” posts. I want to inspire you in a different way. Right now I’m, we are enjoying the video part so much and we want to create more of that. It’s a lot more work but I just feel like that something both me and Oscar are super passionated about. I enjoy it on another level and we want to create more.

Right now we don’t have a single day free in the week and it’s probably going to get worst creating more videos but at least we love it haha! I don’t want to stop blogging, don’t get me wrong..I just want to create more inspired posts you know? NotI want to post good stuff when I post instead of just writing “hi today i’m going to blabla” it feels like it’s always the same. I don’t know do you like it? I feel like it’s so empty and that everyone is kind of writing the same things. It’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that I want to create something different or write when I feel like I want to write. You know I love taking photos and this but just writing in a different way and sharing some more inspiration. What do you think? Let me know! And how often do you go in to my blog? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping. Just a bit different posts and more videos <3  Love, N


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  1. Liena Snow on

    Lovely to hear you are enjoying your time in LA!
    Write a blog when you feel like you wish to write or post some photos.
    If it works for you, post a couple times a week, don’t post just because you have to, post because you wish to and feel like it!
    The main thing is to enjoy and have fun! I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts a lot!
    Much love xx

  2. Naiara on

    Antes solía entrar varias veces al día cuando colgabas más de un post al día, ahora entro una o dos veces, porque sé con seguridad que subes una vez al día, de la otra manera sería mejor que dijeras qué dos dias colgaras post, sino yo creo que perderenos el interés. Cada vez los post se nota más que lo haces como obligación, colgando cualquier cosa. Así que yo prefiero ver más vídeos que no el blog que cada vez va a menos.
    Obviamente tienes que subir posts cuando tu sientas y quieras sin llegar al agovio!

  3. Anonym on

    Oh I just wound your blog and I would like you to post every day, at least 5 times a week and please write also in swedish!! Love ya

  4. Esther Muñoz Escribano on

    breathtaking pic <3
    I check your blog almost every morning, I love how authentic it is. Nevertheless you shouldn't worry about updating it every day if you have a lot to do. I sometimes do think how do you manage to keep up with everything and then have time to post daily. I used to think this girl is not human! haha vlogs, instagram, blog-posts, collabs,…gosh!
    Enjoy LA <3 Going to Arizona?? (to visit the Antelope & Grand Canyon is on my bucket list )

  5. bianca on

    Awww. Love, love, love, your blog! I check it at least twice a day! Do what suits you though…! I’ll still follow you as I love your pics, style and your vlogs. Jst keep doing you girl. 😉

  6. M on

    I think you should do as you please 🙂 I really enjoy watching the youtube-videos and then go here for outfit info.. and speaking of: where is the awesome jacket from?

  7. Yente on

    Actually, I love the “Hi, bla bla bla”-posts, haha. But you should do what feels good for you and not what others want you to do. It’s YOUR blog! Love

  8. alia on

    i really hoped that you wouldnt turn out to be just like the others…once they got enough instagram followers and stuff they turn their readers the back. what is all the stuff thats going on anyways? you do 1 video a week (usually) which is edited by oscar…and you dont find the time to at least blog once a day besides your 3 pics on instagram? really? one reason why kenza (or angelica) is still so super successful and has her loyal fan base because she never turned her back to the readers. she has her instagram to take care of (just like you), she posts 2-3 times a day every day, posts every single sunday a video AND on top of all those social media stuff she runs her own friggin’ clothing line where she works every day from morning till late afternoon…and you want to tell me you have to much to do? i think you are just lazy to be honest.

    • cam show on

      @alia, sorry but have you ever tried living a life like @emitaz’s or ever run a blog of your own…?It’s hard work, just to find things to post about each day let alone live a life as busy and as fast paced as hers! And if you don’t like her/her blog or whatever it is then I suggest that instead of posting ugly comments you should jst quietly un-follow her rather than posting comments like this as it doesn’t help anyone. Have a nice day.

    • emitaz on

      Your comment made me really sad. First of all comparing two or three persons with different lifes is not the way to give critic to someone. I don’t know if you’re in school/have a job but let’s say you’re in school and don’t get the highest score in history. It’s not because you’re lazy, you maybe just like maths more. In this case I enjoy so much more making/creating videos. It feels like I’ve really found something I’ve love to do. I just get happy sitting and editing videos and being creative with that. Both me and Oscar shares this passion together and we want to create even better content and do more videos every week. I have a goal to do 2-3 videos in a week. Right now I don’t have a single day free in the week because of the Youtube, blog and Instagram + all the photoshoots, meetings + on top of that a “secret” project.
      I don’t write about everything here you know? I have a life besides the blog as well. On top of all my social media I’m also with a really big project on the side that takes so so much time. I can’t tell you about it yet but I’m kind of working day/night with this.

      You kind of just jumped on me without even understanding the reason why I want to blog 2-4 times/week. Not only does it take a lot of time, I also want to create cooler posts, that I can inspire you with. I kind of read the same in everyones blog every day. Is it not what you eat to breakfast it’s about the next meeting. I don’t get inspired at all and I don’t feel like I can inspire you guys either. It feels empty. I want to think a bit about how I shall create a bit more “inspired” posts. I’ve not been happy with my latest 30 posts..And as I said I want to give you guys even more videos. It’s something that both me and Oscar are enjoying a lot, so I want to focus a bit more on that. You’re calling me lazy when I’m actually going to work even more.
      I just want to share my life in a more personal and fun way through video. It’s more work in the beginning but when we are faster in editing I think it will get better =) I hope you understand! Hugs, N

      • alia on

        Now you edited the post and explained a bit more and also added that you want to make more videos instead. i couldnt know this from your earlier version. now i do understand. but you couldnt expect me that i would know all these secret things and the more video stuff before. so i do understand now. at the end you will or have to do anyways what you are comfortable to do. i see that i can not compare you to others, but they were an example and they do travel as much as you do as well with brands and stuff. i just wanted to give and example rather then fully comparing you to them. after your explanation i can understand your decision fully…but before you edited your post or gave me those informations 🙂 Dont be sad, i just reacted so sensitive because i really do actaully love your blog and all your work, otherwise i wouldnt care so much!!! hugs

        • emitaz on

          I actually edited it a bit because of your comment, didn’t want more people to missunderstand it! 🙂
          Yeah, I’m really enjoying the video part sooo much and I want to develop much more content right now =)
          Hugs <3

  9. Asiya on

    Or just reply and tell me where you got your top from day 2 from please! I really like it and I’ve been waiting for you to post outfit details so I can get it for myself lol

  10. Dalal on

    Hi, do whatever genuinely inspires you. You can even have a break if you need to that’s one of the perks of being self-employed. But honestly, my favourite fashion lifestyle bloggers are Swedish girls like you, Jani, Kenza and bloggers from finest.se. You know why? It’s because of this candid journaling kind of blogging. It feels more genuine, less staged and more reliable. Some US blogs are looking like fashion magazines and I don’t really see the point of it anymore. The only blogs I check on a daily basis are the candid spontaneous ones. Not empty at all, they are lifestyle blog after all 🙂

    I hope my feedback helps you.


  11. Nantia on

    Hi sweetie I m from Greece and soon I m moving to Gothenburg to do my master. I accidentally found your videos and I watched them all in one day! They are awesome and funny and It just feels like you re my bestie and you re tellinge your news! Just continue what you re doing as often as you want to! Whatever is good for our souls! Kisses from Greece to you and Oscar 😍💛💙

  12. Petush Kay Nasklee on

    Hmm .. well, this has been a big topic with me too. Back when I had my first blog, I used to update every day and write short posts like “we are gonna go shoot an outfit post now” etc. and I enjoyed it, but when I looked back at it, I didn’t feel like that was what I wanted to do on my new blog now.

    My first plan for my blog now (Nasklee.com) was to post two-three times a week (outfit post on tuesday or wednesday and other kinds of posts on thursday and sunday, except for one sunday in three weeks, when we would be posting a vlog instead). However, I found that sometimes, I felt more inspired and did more things (like on days where I do not have to work and can just create content for my blog) and other times when I didn’t have that much time for the blog .. so I blog when I am in the mood for it, when I have quality content to share and stick to outfit posts every Tuesday.

    I have skipped all “filler posts” in order to only create interesting content for the readers, even if that means less (and less frequent) posts. I try to keep it pretty regular (like I wrote before, every tuesday, thursday and sunday), but if that does not happen, then it doesn’t and I try not to worry about it.

    I think that in the end, if readers are interested in what you are offering, they will not care if you post every day or ever two-three days. Most important is that you still inspire them.

    I have always found your blog inspiring, even the short “update” posts, but can understand you completely in what you are saying. And most of all, I really enjoy your videos and will be really happy if there is more! <3



  13. Greta on

    I love you’re blog! I check it every day. I always find your posts inspiring and I love your outfits. Also, your youtube videos are the ones that I can’t wait to see! So, I would be very happy if you post every day, but if it’s better for you to not post that often, it’s okay. 🙂
    Love you xx

  14. Nathalie Pena on

    I agree with you Emelie! Don’t feel like you need to post every day because then it just seems forced and not everyone has something interesting to post every day. I do enjoy reading where you eat and what you guys are up to, but I enjoy longer and more inspirational posts a lot more. Love from New York 🙂

  15. Ila on

    Hej, följt din blogg sen typ dag ett känns det som. Jag lch min fästman följer dina vloggar som du lägger upp. Älskar din blogg just för att den är som den är. jag gör in flera gånger om dagen haha. MEN jag tycker det är völdigt fint av dig att skriva om hur du resonerar kring inläggen lch att du vill minska på det för att skriva mer inspirerande inlägg (jag tycker att alla dina inlägg är inspirerande bara sä du vet) istället. Du gör det som får DIG att må bäst. Så himla tråkigt med så negativa kommentarer som ovanstående person skrivit. MEN Kommentaren handlar inte om dig. Det handlar om den personen. Det är den personens frustration som den tar ut över dig. så skaka av dig det och njut av dina dagar i USA. I slutändan så följer dina följare dig av en anledning, det är för att du är den du är och vad du än beslutar så kommer vi fortfarande följa dig. För min del, så är jag glad när människor runt om mig är glada, sä om du blir hlad av detta beslut så tycker jag du ska göra det.

    Åh kan fortsätta skriva hur mycket som helst men rundar av här. Massor med kärlek från en svenska och österrikare (mannen min).

  16. Diana on

    Lovely to hear that you don’t want to be too mainstream like just “another blogger” but to standout! That’s what I like! I think you should indeed completely focus on YouTube videos, because you already have all the skills needed. I think overall YouTube has grown a lot over the past few years and still is, for you that is a great platform to reach your maximum potential audience. From my experience less people want to “read” and more want to “watch” nowadays. I would suggest you to gradually move over to video making from blogging. Also I believe a video is much more appreciated by followers rather than an empty blog post which can be forgotten quite easily compared to a video. (Think about that, if you want to leave a good impression or be remembered/suggested :P)
    Good luck! 🙂

  17. Emma on


    I really likes your blog! I go here everyday and it rally makes me happy!
    When I’m sad your posts makes me happy and it feels like I know you really well!
    If I would see you in real, I would like hug you because se you really inspire me! It looks weird but sometimes I know more about you then my own friends because I come here everyday hihi
    Don’t stop blogging, do what you love! You’ll do great!
    Loves 💕

  18. Alexandra on

    I usually go twice a day but now I go just once. Anyway the point that I do not understand is the fact that you said some months ago that you “were more passionate” to do vlogs and when you had the idea to do vlogs on Wednesday and Sunday you didn’t event stick with that for so long so how many vlogs would you want to share o a wheek then? Or is the fact that because of Jon you know that with vlogs you earn much more and suddenly you love that which is nothing wrong don’t get me wrong. Anyway is normal to change through years but when some people get used at something like go through your blog every day instead living as well the dream of their life they became sad.

    • emitaz on

      To be honest the blogs gives me twice as much money so it’s not really for the money, it’s just me being more happy with the videos. Also that I can grow on that part with Oscar. Youtube isn’t good money at all, maybe if you have 4 million subscribers..Check how much you can earn with Youtube and then check my views to see how much I earn, it’s not much. Nothing compared to the blog. On the blog you earn good with the ads and stuff =) But as I said both me and Oscar are enjoying it on a whole new level and we want to take you with us on that adventure! =)

      I have just got other managers that will deal with the mail so that me and Oscar can work on the content instead. We normally spend 5 hours/day just with the mail. So taking that from our shoulders will be really good..More time to edit videos ;P Thanks for understanding!! Love, N

      • alexandra on

        Thank you for answered me. Thats cool then but how many vlogs would you like to post every week? Good luck then in your new project and in your secret projects and i am looking forward your Vlogs then. Lots of love A.

  19. Laura on

    I started following your videos and blog more for the way you are as a person than for fashion. I think you have a great heart. Sometimes it seems that some people can be a little demanding and forgetting about many aspects, but it doesnt have to affect you because you know what you do, and you do a good job, very inspiring girl

  20. Anna on

    Hi beauty, honestly I went on your blog only after see your last post on Instagram… For me your videos with Oscar are really awesome and see more photos or videos is super interesting in my opinion ! So please be proud of your work and go on because it’s really amazing !

  21. Nicole on

    Hi Tash <3
    I check your blog every day but to be honest I love your videos even more. Do whatever you want regarding the posts, we will always have your back. You are gorgeous inside and out and so genuine. And your content is NEVER boring. Love from Switzerland <3

  22. Linn on

    Jag tycker du ska blogga varje dag. Personligen gillar jag “hej just nu ska vi ta en kaffe”-inlägg. Jag tror när det gäller bloggande att det är kvantitet före kvalité!!

  23. Ellinor on

    Läser din blogg nästan varje dag annars varannan, läser gärna “tomma” inlägg med en bild på en kaffe 🙂 tycker det är mysigt och personligt! Kram 🙂

  24. Dominika on

    Hey I think it will be even better with the videos! I love your vlogs! It’s more inspire than blog because I can see all of you like in a real life and you are so happy and true person. And both you and Oscar are really good with the videos! Especially I love the travel videos <3

  25. Liisa on

    I think you’re super inspiring with what you do and it is because you love what you do. If you find at this point that you would love blogging more with less posts it is completely understandable.. maybe after some time posting less here you are gonna miss this “everyday blogging” and continue with more posts again.. what I want to say is that feel free to do it the way it makes YOU happy and I am sure me and all the other readers get the same emotion through this. I personally check your blog 1-2 times a day but I have to say I am always more excited about the new vlogs you post 🙂 I love them! You and Oscar are really sweet persons and make a perfect couple together! Don’t worry, I am sure that it will work both ways, just do it the way you feel you want to do it! Hugs, Liisa from Estonia

  26. prasha on

    I check your blog every day, but not just for your new posts. I try to search for inspiration on whatever things I feel like reading about. i’m going to be going on a holiday this summer probably to spain, so I’m constantly on your blog find inspirations for my outfits.
    It don’t really matter whether you want to post few times a week, once a week or whatever because you have a life too. And you need to do whatever that suits you. and those love your work and you will always support you.

    I’m glad your doing so well <3

    stay happy forever
    love prasha x

  27. Sonia on

    To be franc I stopped reading your blog regularly and I stopped writing comments because I was bored of these “hey, i’m having a coffe now and i have to clean the house” sort of posts. Accordingly, i totally support the idea to write only 3 times a week but with actual content. For example, i loved your posts when you wrote about breakfast ideas or tips for working out, 5 things you love the most… etc. And you can still say “hey, i’m having a coffe” on instagram for example.

    Good luck <3

  28. Mata on

    Nooooooo… That’s what we just need.. A simple “Hi I had a coffee around the corner it was so good..” and a selfie. Just that. Please

  29. Nina on

    I usually don’t comment on blog posts even though I always read yours, but after reading your last post and some other negative comments that you generelly get I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I have followed your blog for many years now (like before you moved to Barcelona) and the reason I started was because you were so genuine and personal with sharing your lifestyle (I also have a Spanish boyfriend so I loved reading about those parts!) and your style. I think it is so damn cool and crazy how you have managed to grow your blog and Instagram the past years, I remember you writing things like “which sweater should I buy, I cannot afford both” and now you are working with world famous designers?? It is so amazing, and if nothing else a clear proof of all your hard work. Even though you share a lot of things, only YOU can know and understand what you have truly accomplished! I have studied fashion & communication for 6 years now and I know how difficult the industry can be, and how hard it is to succeed. All creds to you (and Oscar;))!

    I really like your personal posts but I also think that you will manage to change your content and still keep it personal but more inspiring if that’s what you want😍 Love the videos as well. I just think you need to realize that lots of people follow you because of YOU and not only because of the quality of your content even though it is beyond awesome too, so I hope you don’t feel too pressured about it. Keep it up girl, I’m looking forward to see you continue to grow in your carreer. You’re such an inspiration!!! I guess mean comments are a fact in this business and I am sure that a lot of it comes from jealousy, but I hope you manage to see beyond them and that it doesn’t keep you from enjoying this amazing experience to 100%. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.

    Lots of love and all the best wishes with your carreer and the secret project!


  30. Alessandra on

    I love your blog, because I love you as a person and your style of course!! I think you are an amazing girl, and I understand what you want to do, what changement you want to realize in the blog. The blog is yours and if you feel to change something you have to do it!! I will follow anyway, and I will be excited to read your posts as before.
    I love so much,

    xoxo from Italy

  31. María on

    Hi Natascha!
    I read your blog everyday and I love it but I think that if posting everyday is stressing you, you should write whenever you feel like doing it.
    Yo inspire me a lot.
    Thank you,

  32. Iida on

    I read your blog every day. I love your pictures!! To be honest I’ve kept on reading your blog mostly because of the inspiring pictures. So I’m very excited if you start writing more inspiring posts too!! I’d like to hear more your real thoughts about things and life. Do what suits best for you 🙂

  33. Marioness on

    I’m usually silent reader but as I have been reading you for a while and been loving your way to exprees,I think it’s time to say something. First of all, I’m excited to see what your secret project will be. Hahaha!
    But now going to the topic of the post, I understand you 100%. I know it’s hard to keep a blog as I have one too so for me it’s okay if you want to just do 3-4 posts a week, it’s actually more than many bloggers do. About the video part, I will love if you start creating more videos as I’m in love with them. By the way, I’m currently really liking your Instagram them and I will love to hear some tips from you in a video.
    Finally, just do what makes you happy! I will be supporting you.


  34. Ioanna K. on

    To be honest I have missed your twice-a-day small blog posts, they were more personal. I used to visit your blog in the morning, and then visit it again in the afternoon or at night,reading something new that you uploaded. It was like we were part of your daily habits. What you say is totally understandable, but I would like you not to mention only things about work. Anyway, I still love your posts(as well as your videos), I get so much inspiration and positive feelings and vibes, so you know better what suits you !

  35. Anna Julia on

    I think that the most importent thing, is that you enjoy the work you do! If it is to write post about your daily life, or if it’s more youtube videoes…I realy enjoying both! And if you feel like it’s going to be better, if you only post 1 time a week…do it! Just try it out, and see what you think about it :).It’s your journey, and its starts today! Thank you for all the great inspiration you always give me! Love from Norway, Anna Julia.

  36. Hieke on

    Hi deary! I usually go to your blog everyday, just for a heads up you know :). I really do like readings blogs everyday, because it’s such an inspiration to me. I love to look / read how you style your outfits and crazy enough I like the “what I do in a day” type of posts, I don’t know why. I think it’s because the posts are not really long and that’s ideal for me! I just drink some coffee in the morning and scroll through some blogs I read every day (like yours and Janni’s, you girls are my top favourites)!

    But I really get that you want to create more ‘interesting’ content (not saying your content is boring right now but you get what I mean). If that makes you a happy girl you should totally do it! That’s something for us (followers?) to look forward to every day / week. And 3 to 4 posts a week is a lot too you know?! I really don’t think anyone is going to judge you when you post a little less. I think it’s going to make your blog more unique in some kind of way. Besides, you should enjoy life a little more as well, just as you mentioned in your latest vlog (the Coachella one) – that you don’t want to hold up the camera every minute of your life. Follow your heart and dreams. I will love you and your blog anyway <3 Because WOW GIRL YOU ROCK xxxxx Hieke

  37. ule on

    I’ve been following you for some time now, mostly because you seem fun (and you actually read literature!). I’d love it if your project had something to do with responsibility to our environment and not be just another fast fashion project. I like blogs more than vlogs, but your personality seems more fun than other Swedish bloggers’ (sorry!), so I actually watch yours. I prefer short ones, though, not 15 minutes long.

  38. Flávia Carneiro on

    Heyyy! I searched in all of your social media and u didn’t rely to anyone who asked, where is this jacket from??? Pleaseee sabe our lifes telling us!!! Haha it’s so pretty !! Xoxo


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