16:21 | April 17, 2017



My looks for day 2We went to the Revolve day party

Had some ice cream, ok I had 3.Babe <3Spent a lot of time with Aida & Alba. I know them from Barcelona and it’s one of my favourite couples in the world <3 So freaking beautiful.At the Revolve party Danced a bit, way to hot though!Time to go to the festival again!Fixed Jannis hair that day, loved it!Full look & details will be up in the next post <3

So Coachella 2017 is over for this time. I’ve had so much fun during these days and I’ve got to know so many nice and amazing people during  these days. And I’m SO happy that I came here with Janni. These days has been so fun with her and I’m so happy to have her in my life. We both have struggled a lot with sleep and the jet lag these days but still managed to have so much fun. Dancing or just sitting on the grass having fries, anything is good with her. I have a feeling we will come here next year as well and we’ve learned 1 thing – come some days before! To get proper sleep and load our bodies with energy. It’s been a week since I slept 8 hours haha…This night 4, the night before that 3,5..hahaha. But so worth it <3 Anyway I’m going to LA today, Oscar has finally arrived!! See you there, and yes there will be more Coachella photos soon! Love, N

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  1. Juliana on

    Looking gorgeous!! I’ve found you only a few weeks ago on instagram and I got hooked!! Love love your outfits and your skin absolutely glows!! Love, Juliana

  2. Ane on


    I love your blog so so much, and I always get inspired by reading it!
    I love fashion, writing and taking pictures, and I would love to start blogging or to make youtube videos.
    The only thing that makes me doubt is that I don’t know if anybody will read or watch my blog/vlogs, and I am also afraid it will be awkvard to speak in videos (I feel like people I know will think “Who does she think she is?”.
    Do you have any experiance with this when you first started, and do you have any tips?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Emma on

    Hej!! Jag ska till Barcelona för första gången nu i maj. Det skulle vara fantastiskt med lite bra tips på bra restuaranger/barer/shopping osv.
    Kan inte du göra ett inlägg med dina fav spots? 🙂

  4. Janina on

    I seriously love your pink shorts, they are the cutest!! And this hairstyle looks gorgeous on you, you should do it more often 🙂
    I am a big fan of your perfect looks and your sweet personality – Greetings from Germany <3

  5. Mata on

    Hey! Your posts are awesome BUT remember when you said that you don’t feel inspired lately? I believe the reason why is because your blog is becoming more like other blogs. And i don’t mind that you advertise products and get paid, but you don’t post like before. For example, you used to post pictures of you chilling on the balcony, or going for breakfast somewhere nice, or even on your trips you used to post more simple things (now it’s all photos with the girls!!)
    Don’t take me wrong.
    I really like your blog or else i wouldn’t bother telling you anything. I just think your followers (we) want more from your normal-everyday-“boring” life
    Love love love you

  6. alexa on

    Love your blog but oh my so sad that you cannot handle really well when you travel a lot because you never post, and i was wondering how come that Janni post everyday twice since you had both this trip at the same time. I say to you that because i get sad when i see no post for 2 days.Lots of love


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