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Good morning from a very sick girl. Not sick but I have a crazy period pain going on so I’m not very excited to sit on a airplane for 2 hours. We were supposed to go shopping this morning but I’m laying in bed feeling ill instead. I have just taken a strong pill so I hope that the pain will go away soon. Sorry we didn’t have time to take many photos yesterday so I only have these three to show you. Kind of focusing more on filming right now since it’s what I like the most for the moment. I really love making vlogs/videos and if I just had the time I would love to do it more often. By the way I have to tell you what I’m doing here haha. I’m in Pairs shooting for a secret project with Loréal hair! So happy to be a part of this project and it’s going to be sooo fun to see the results of the campaign. I pushed my limits yesterday in the video haha, we had to talk quite a lot but it was so much fun. Can’t wait to tell you more about it when it’s out, I think you will maybe see me here and there next year ;P I loved that they barley used any makeup yesterday, it was more focus on the hair. So a bit foundation and mascara and voliá we had a very natural look. I think I feel more comfortable like this. Anyway I’m going to take a hot shower now and rest until we go to the airport. Love, N

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  1. milica on

    dear Emitaz,
    i’m not sure if you will read this but I mean if u do I hope I make you feel happy, i have only recently started reading your blogs and watching your youtube videos but I have to say u have helped me so much overcoming my personal issues. you are so happily in love with Oscar and travel the world with him and made amazing new experiences helped me realize there’s more to this world than what’s going on right now, i aspire to have a happy life like yours and to be so inlove i wish you and Oscar the best and id hope one day i bump into you guys in Barcelona !!
    much love Milica XO

  2. Dirk on

    This “very natural look” suits you so well. Great pics! No doubt that Loréals turnover will have a HUGE boost for the coming years. 😉 I’m also very curious about the campaign (wow, maybe we can admire you on Belgian television???!!)

  3. Nicolakaik on

    I’m so excited to see the new campaign!!! Could you make a vlog on how and when you started blogging, and youtube, and tips for anyone starting out! you’re such an inspiration!! Thank you xxxx


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