6:31 | April 7, 2017



I think that my blog has been so boring lately. I’ve not felt inspired at all..But after some hours on Pinterest I actually feel like I’m a bit more inspired. Both when it comes to outfits, details, interior etc..I really want to start sharing more fun posts but I don’t know how often I shall blog? I feel like 1 post/day is enough + 1-2 videos every week and Instagram everyday. What do you think? By the way I went a bit crazy on some webshops yesterday haha! I don’t even want to see how much I spent. But you know you’ve spent a lot when your bank sends you text messages haha. Yes, my bank here in Spain sends me text messages if I’ve spent over a certain amount of money. Some packages has already arrived so I will go and pick it up later. I wanted to order it before Paris so I’m happy it arrived in time, or at least 1 of 3. I also have to book tickets to Sweden today, going there in the beginning of June woooop! My cousin is graduating from high school, yes in Sweden it’s a big thing haha. I guess one of the biggest things in a young Swedes life, believe it or not. It feels like I graduated yesterday but it was 6 years ago, aaah I’m getting old haha. I don’t even want to celebrate my birthday this year, anxiety. Anyway I have to go! Love love looove, N

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  1. Ionela on

    Hi Natascha,
    I love your blog, your Youtube channel, and your Instagram! Even if you felt uninspired lately, you inspired me. I am checking your blog every morning because you motivate me, and after reading your blog I can continue my day in a good mood! I should thank you! You and Oscar are really beautiful together and you are doing an amazing job. I hope this comment made your day, as well as your posts, are doing mine!
    Take care!
    Lots of love from Romania.

  2. alexa on

    I prefer if you can blogging twice a day because sometimes we even don’t have a video in a week so, but i understand that you might be super busy that’s why, anyway don’ worry your posts always are a good inspiration not boring at all. So blogging twice a day it will be GREATTT , lots of love

  3. Lisanne on

    Adore this moodboard gives me so much inspiration! Your blog is great love the outfit posts, can’t wait to see what your new buys are!

  4. Michelle de Jesus on

    I just want to say, we all have days where we feel sad and sometimes with not a single drop of inspiration! You are an inspiration and your blog is not boring at all, believe it or not seeing your videos and your blog make my day a lot happier. Wish you all the best <3 always!

    with love from Puerto Rico ! 😀


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