8:45 | March 30, 2017



A little photo mix from Milano

Good morning babes! We started our day with a very..very green smoothie. Oscar loved it, not haha. Anyway I’m going to get ready now, we are going in to Barcelona very soon. It’s seriously summer here! So freaking warm haha..On Saturday I’m meeting up with some of my Swedish girlfriends here in Barcelona and on Sunday it’s time for some party. I can’t even remember the last time I partied haha? Barcelona has (according to me) one of the best nightlifes, I always have fun when I go out here. I saw that someone asked me when the commercial with Guess will be out, I think it will be in the beginning of May! It’s a world wide campaign so I will let you know. I have to get ready now. Talk to you later! Love, N

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  1. Leticia (kanariaspm) on

    Hej hej!
    I’ve been trying to find the Guess logo tshirt online but there’s nowhere I can find it… not in their web, not in ASOS,… any idea where I can buy it?

    Thanks a lot!


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