9:10 | February 2, 2017



My look day 1  / Jacket: Custo, Jeans :ZaraCusto always delivers..Grand opening of the new H&M store in Barcelona / Total look: H&MQuick stop at Bimbas, one of my favourite spots here in Barcelona.I also met many of you guys <3 

Mixed photos from 080 Barcelona Fashion week


So the most stressful days are over! I have really enjoyed it and I’m already excited for the next 080 event. My friend Zegarcia had his debut in the fashion week last night and he killed it, can’t wait to wear one of his dresses again, I have a wedding coming up in May so probably then wiho. The opening of H&M was amazing as well, so thankful that I get to be a part of it here in Barcelona. It’s a H&M with 4 floors including H&M home..FINALLY! Haha me and Oscar were so close buying a lot of things yesterday but it was a lot of people so we decided to come back when it’s more calm. Very early tomorrow morning we are sitting on a plane on our way to Cannes, we are going to take it veeeery easy there hehe. We always say that and it never happens haha. Ok we want a bit adventure but I don’t know how good Cannes is for that, especially in February. But good food, shopping and long walks are on our list, I have saved everything you recommended me. It always feels better to ask you than to ask google haha, I get more honest and personal comments then. So thank you for that! Love, N

9:48 | February 1, 2017


Training & Food

Mix: 2 frozen bananas, coconut milk, cinnamon and raw cacao – Topping: Chia seeds, sesam seeds, shredded coconut, peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

Today I started my morning with this vitamin bomb! Normally I have a bit granola as topping but it was no where to be found in our home haha, already finished. It’s Oscars turn to make granola the next time and I’m happy for it because it takes a couple of hours before it’s done. Today I’m meeting up Jessica before going to Zegarcias show together. I’m so excited for the show just because it’s a friend of mine that is having his first fashion show ever! He does amazing wedding/prom/gala dresses, I will probably film the whole show so that you can see it. Yesterday we got the mirror in our bathroom, finally! The light around the mirror sucks though so I can’t really do my makeup there which sucks. Othervice it’s nice and I think that we can change the light to a bit stronger. I will take pictures of the bathroom when we have the Nikon. Anyway I’m going to jump into the shower now and then we are shooting a look! Love, N


Startade min dag med en vitaminbomb! Brukar vanligtvis ha i lite granola men den var tydligen slut haha. Det är Oscars tur att göra granola nästa gång vilket jag är glad över då det tar timmar att göra de. Idag ska jag möta upp Jessica innan Zegarcias visning, ser verkligen fram emot visningen då det är hans första någonsin! Han gör helt fantastiska bröllopsklänningar, galaklänningar osv. Kommer förmodligen att filma hela visningen så att ni får se alla fina klänningar. Igår fick vi äääntligen vår badrumsspegel, lamporna runt spegeln är inte starka nog för att jag ska kunna sminka mig där så de ska vi byta ut. Men fint blev det, nu kan jag äntligen fota badrummet till er. Ha en fin dag! Love, N