7:47 | February 28, 2017




Hello babes! We arrived to Madrid yesterday at 12.00. We went straight to the hotel, lunch and after we did some shopping. Madrid is really beautiful and we are lucky with the weather! Today it’s time for the event with Puma and after that I’m going home to pack for Paris. We are in Barcelona quite late so I will have to stress a lot with the packing, and packing for a fashion week is not the easiest..the tropics are much easier haha! Anyway I’m going to live with Janni which has an amazing closet and I don’t think she will notice if I steal anything from her during the week hehee. I’m going to get ready for the event now and after that we are having breakfast. I have like 10 min to packand to put makeup haha so byyye! Love, N

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  1. Léna RENAUD on

    I miss Madrid so much can’t wait to go back !! Amazing photos I love how you edit the colors !!
    And really like your last look 😉


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