7:47 | February 28, 2017




Hello babes! We arrived to Madrid yesterday at 12.00. We went straight to the hotel, lunch and after we did some shopping. Madrid is really beautiful and we are lucky with the weather! Today it’s time for the event with Puma and after that I’m going home to pack for Paris. We are in Barcelona quite late so I will have to stress a lot with the packing, and packing for a fashion week is not the easiest..the tropics are much easier haha! Anyway I’m going to live with Janni which has an amazing closet and I don’t think she will notice if I steal anything from her during the week hehee. I’m going to get ready for the event now and after that we are having breakfast. I have like 10 min to packand to put makeup haha so byyye! Love, N

19:42 | February 27, 2017



This was one of the most requested videos from you guys! So I decided to make it..on one of my cheat days hahaha..No but I just like to be honest with you, I don’t always eat healthy and this was one of those days. I hope you like it! Love, N 

19:02 | February 26, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Shirt: H&M // Pants: Pull & Bear // Bag: Gucci // Shoes: Bash

I hope that you’ve had a great weekend babes! Sorry for not blogging for 2 days. Today I’ve been busy hanging out with my family here in Barcelona. I’m going to be away for some couple of days and I really wanted to meet them before I go. It’s honestly been one of the best days of the year, it’s hard to explain here why but it has. I’m so happy having these people around me. Anyway now I’m going to pack for tomorrow, we are leaving 07.00 in the morning to Madrid and I have not even started to pack hehe..Typical me. I also have to pack for Paris that is the day after so I guess this will be a very long night. Love, N

17:17 | February 24, 2017



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Hello babes! The alarm woke us up at 07.00 this morning because we wanted to start our day early since we had so many things to do in Barcelona today. Buuut when we went to the car we saw that one of our tires was broken haha. So we went to the train and missed a lot of things we had to do in Barcelona. It sucks because it’s the last “work” day I have in Barcelona for 2 weeks. I love living on the outside of Barcelona since it’s very crowded and I feel stressed about that but days like this I wouldn’t mind living on the Rambla in Barcelona haha! Anyway I’m going to drink some coffee now, we are probably meeting up some friends later tonight. I hope you have a nice Friday! Love, N

12:46 | February 23, 2017


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Skirt: Urban Outiftters (similar HERE) // Jacket: Zara // Tights: Calzedonia (similar HERE) // Sunglasses: Tiwi World // Top: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Zara (similar HERE) (Contains Ad links)

Hello babes! We woke up to a grey Barcelona today so we skipped shooting photos / videos and instead we are cleaning the apartment and organising the upcoming weeks. We have a lot of things to do in March but I’m liking it. In April on the other hand I really want to go to a tropical place and relax a bit, Sri-Lanka / Maldives & Bali are on the wish list. I’m probably going to record my Q&A video tomorrow so don’t forget to ask me in questions in the previous post if you have any! I think I will include Oscar in the half part of the video since I got a lot of camera questions and he is the pro of us when it comes to cameras. What do you think about that? I know many of you have wanted a Q&A with Oscar as well so maybe we can answer some relationship questions as well together? Anyway I’m going to continue with the cleaning. Talk to you later! Love, N


Hej finisar! Vi vaknade upp till ett väldigt tråkigt väder så vi struntar i att fota  / filma idag och städar lägenheten istället. Vi håller också på att organisera de kommande veckorna, mars kommer att vara en väldigt hektisk månad men jag gillar det! I April vill jag dock ligga på en tropisk strand antingen i Sri-Lanka, Maldiverna eller Bali. Imorgon har jag tänkt att spela in min Q&A  imorgon så glöm inte att ställa fler frågor om ni har några. Oscar kommer kanske att vara med i den andra halvan av videon då jag fått många kamera frågor, han är mycket bättre när det kommer till teknik hehe. Vi kanske ska inkludera lite frågor angående vårt förhållande också? Jag vet att många av er vill se en Q&A med mig och Oscar så vi kanske också svarar på lite mer personliga frågor tillsammans. Nej nu ska jag fortsätta att städa, vi hörs! Love, N