22:16 | January 2, 2017



This thing about moving haha..never again!! I don’t care if I will have 10 kids in the future,I will just put the 10 of them in one room with 10 beds. I’m never doing this again haha. No I’m kidding but seriously I am DEAD, it’s never ending and it’s still a big mess here. But I’m going to vlog tomorrow and show you the apartment (what we have done/got so far). Yesterday we had our first “relaxing” evening when we both just laid in bed and read a book. It felt great! I’m reading a really good but also very sad book by Elain Eksvärd, such a powerful woman. Anyway we still have a lot to, we don’t have a office for Oscar yet and that has to be fixed asap so that he can edit videos on the computer. It will be the priority for tomorrow morning, let’s go desk hunting hehe. Going to bed now, see you tomorrow! Love, N


Det här med att flytta..aldrig igen!! Jag bryr mig inte om vi får 10 ungar i framtiden, de får sova i samma rum haha! Nej men vill aldrig göra det här igen, jag är så trött. Tänkte vlogga lite imorgon och visa er lägenheten och vad vi gjort hittills. Igår hade vi vår första “vilodag” inte riktigt men att kunna ligga i sängen och läsa är ta mig fan guld! Just nu läser jag Elain Eksvärds bok Medan han lever. Har velat läsa den boken så länge nu så när vi var i Sverige så köpte jag den. Vilken kvinna den där Elain, en riktig superwoman. Hur som haver vi har mycket att göra, speciellt i Oscars kontor. Det måste bli klart så fort som möjligt så att han kan börja redigera våra vidoer. Det blir en prioritering imorgon. Nu ska jag sova, vi hörs imorgon! Love, N  

10:57 | January 1, 2017




Some pictures from last night. We had dinner with two of our closest friends here in Barcelona. Me and Amanda met in university 2014, we clicked really good and then we introduced our boyfriends to each other and now they are good friends haha! Nacho (the guy) plays basketball in Galicia so we can’t meet that often since both he and Amanda has moved there. Anyway it was really fun to hang out with them and it was nice to have a “calm” new years eve with two good friends. We have partied every new year since 2012, but it felt food to wake up feeling like a human today haha. I hope that you had a good New Years Eve and I wish you all a awsome 2017!!!! Let’s do this <3