14:09 | January 18, 2017



12 Responses to “NEW VLOG”

  1. Dirk on

    Haha…. it’s really nice to see you sitting on your green sofa with a big big big smile. You look so happy! Btw I love your apartment… it’s really a tastefully designed home, a house with a flair. Big congrats for the both of you!

  2. Mïu on

    Hey ! I love your new apartment it’s so cozy 🙂
    I have a little question, what platform do you use for you blog ? Cause I love your blog’s design !

  3. Leticia (kanariaspm) on

    It is becoming such a cozy and beautiful apartment.
    Lukas and I enjoy your vlogs so very much!! Thanks a lot!

    And btw, the cup you used in the previous VLog is super beautiful 🙂

  4. Josephin on

    I really wonder who seriously cares about your new sofa haha…I mean it’s just a sofa… Lol. In general, I really don’t know what’s so special here, there are so many girls and women travelling, fashion interested and in-my-opinion even naturally more beautiful. Almost 8 billion ppl on earth, there is so many cool people out there with no need to blog everything. Anyways, back to topic, the sofa is a good looking one though.;)

  5. Sigrid on


    Love the sofa 🙂 and new glasses 😉
    I wanted to ask about wearing glasses and/or lenses. You are travelling a lot which means you also swim and dive (?). Do you dive with lenses or you dont wear lenses on the beach? 😀

    ps: dont understand people who complain about things like Josephin but also reading your blog and looking your videos 😀

    Take care 😉

    • emitaz on

      Hej Camilla H. Bischoff Nielsen!
      Varför tycker du det? Tar det som en komplimang dock, hon är grymmmm!! Skriv på danska nästa gång =)

  6. threres on

    Hey Emili. jag alskar din blogg, personlighet och din stil. du inspererar mig verkligen. Jag och min kompis haller pa att starta en blogg. och jag har varit och sett pa kameran du anvander till dina vlogs. Canon d5x, skulle du aven rekomendera denna att fota med. bara som extra kamera. Vilken program anvander du for att redigera dina vlogs. Alskar dina vlogs dem e sa roliga! xx


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