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I’m still starting every morning with green tea. Well I was missing it 1 week since I left it when we moved, but I bought more tea yesterday. Anyway I thought I would tell you the benefits with green tea and why you should drink it. I’ve written a similar post about it before but I’ve got a lot more new followers since then so here we go! I remember I used to dislike green tea because I didn’t like the taste, but you get used to it. I recommend you to buy “real” green tea, it’s worth putting a bit extra money to this if you want the real benefits from green tea. If you don’t like the flavour just try to ad a bit honey to it until you have got used to the taste.

-Antioxidants. It’s good for the skin since it contains a lot of antioxidants that has a anti-aging benefit. I like to drink it before I eat breakfast (I normally eat the breakfast 10-20 minutes later).

– Caries & Breath. Good for your teeth and lowers the risk of getting caries. It also gives you a good breath (?) I ‘ve read this in a few different places I’m not sure if it’s 100% true though.

–  Diabetes. Lowers the risk of diabetes type 2. I’m in the risk of diabetes (both my dad and grandmother had it) so I have always been told to take it easy with the sugar.

– Helps you to relax. You can find the amino acid Theanine in green tea leaves which makes you relax.

– Immune system. Green tea also boosts your immune system.

I thought I would start with these tips again. I will write about something new every week, everything from clothes, food etc. I hope you like it! Love, N


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  1. ule on

    I have the same habit, I use 5dl – 1l big mugs and drink green tea multiple times a day. When I want it to feel like a treat, I add milk, although that negates the benefits, but to me it just tastes so good, yummy.

    Where is the big mug from? I need to know my sources if I ever break these that I have 🙂
    They are not easy to find in my country.

  2. Dirk on

    Is it the green tea that makes you look so stunning? Then this must be the best commercial ever!!! I’m going to the tea shop right away 😉
    Btw N., just asking… do you also have discount codes for ‘Zara’ or ‘Massimo Dutti’ please?


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