5:40 | December 11, 2016


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It’s the last night with Billabong today. Sad and happy in one way. Sad to leave this amazing place and all these amazing people and new friends. Happy to go home to a new apartment and my family in Spain, missed them a lot. My knee is still pretty bad but I’m still going to the party tonight to say goodbye to everyone. I have to get ready now, see you in Barcelona. Love, N


Sista dagen med Billabong idag. Jag är både ledsen och glad. Ledsen över att lämna den här fina ön och alla nya vänner jag lärt känna här. Glad över att åka hem till en ny lägenhet och min familj i Barcelona, saknat de så mycket. Mitt knä gör fortfarande ont men jag ska till Billabong festen ändå, vill säga hej då till allihopa. Måste göra mig iordning nu, vi ses i Barcelona. Love, N 

17:37 | December 10, 2016



Is the weather ever nice in the North Shore haha? It’s been shitty since we came here. Anyway I’m really sad today, yesterday I had a small accident, we have a car that closes the doors by itself and I didn’t see that the door was closing so it squeezed my knee. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after. The pain that moment and the seconds after oh my haha, I wanted to scream so bad. First I thought ah it will go over in some hours, but here I am. I can’t bend it, walk in stairs, sit down or do anything. We were supposed to surf today, do you know how sad I am? It’s basically what I’ve been waiting for since we came here and we are here with Billabong, a surf brand haha. I’ve been so excited for it these days. Why did this have to happen? Why in such a stupid thing as well..Ok if I fell, but getting my knee stuck in a car door, like really? I can’t even sit and pack my things so I feel bad for Oscar that has to roll a lot of clothes for me. We are going home tomorrow and if it’s the same problem tomorrow someone is going to the hospital on Monday. Now I’m just longing to go home..Love, N

23:48 | December 9, 2016



Some days ago we went to Maui as you might know! One of the best experiences in my whole life. Here are some pictures, I can’t wait to show you in my vlog, I think it’s going to be great. Oscar has done such an amazing job during this trip, all photos, video..it’s really been a full time job for him. When we come home he will sit with the edit of the vlog while we are moving – and we have promised you some vlogmas videos so I hope you are ready for that! Let’s see if it’s not to much for us but I think we can manage some. Thank you once again to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for inviting us to Maui! Love, N


5:29 | December 8, 2016


By Oscar Minyo,Wanderlust
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Hello from the North Shore! My favourite spot in Hawaii so far, so happy to be back here. We just arrived so I thought I would blog fast before it’s time to eat dinner with the Billabong crew. Yesterday me and Oscar took some photos on the balcony, I loved the light in these photos. By the way it’s so funny when I go enter the stores here with Oscar or friends they are like “Hello” to them and Aloha to me haha..I guess they think I’m from here? The same happend to me when we were in Dominican Republic, they were saying hola to me instead haha! I’m like eeeh he is the one that speaks Spanish. Today we went to China Town and after that we paddeled cannot, but not like the “normal” cannot, we paddeled on the waves and it was sooo fun! Not sure if I’m explaining this right haha. But it went really fast and we saw turtles, such and amazing day. Love, N


Hej från the North Shore! Min favoritplats här på Hawaii, så glad att vi är tillbaka. Vi kom precis fram så jag tänkte blogga snabbt innan det är dags för Billabongs middag ikväll. Igår fotade jag och Oscar lite på balkongen, älskar ljuset i de här bilderna. Förresten det är så kul när vi går in i butiker här, till Oscar säger de Hello och till mig Aloha hahaha. De kanske tror att jag är härifrån? Samma sak hände på Dominikanska Republiken, då sa de hola till mig och hello till Oscar, trots att det är han som är spansk. Hur som haver idag har vi besökt China Town samt paddlat kanot, fast inte vanlig kanot utan vi har paddlat med vågorna vilket var riktigt kul. Det gick så himla snabbt och vi såg även sköldpaddor, grym dag! Love, N 

5:09 | December 8, 2016



Here you can see a little video of what we have been doing these days with Deodoc! Such a magical trip and I’m so thankful for this. I hope you enjoy it <3 This is part 1 of 3! Love, N 
Här kan ni se en liten video från vårt äventyr med Deodoc! Magisk resa med underbara personer, är så tacksam över att jag fick följa med <3 Del 1 av 3! Love, N