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We started this year in Mexico! We had 10 amazing days there. The highlight was definitely visiting all the cenotes and seeing Chichenitza! omp_3214omp_3240-2 omp_4394

The winter “came” we had a really warm winter. I hanged out a bit with Aretha and planned the year! It was so fun to read this agenda the other day 🙂

documents8-004I TRIED to organize my messy walk in closet and bought a new closet. omp_2164omp_3411omp_6478Some looks..I was a big fan of this yellow jacket until I saw that every girl in Barcelona was wearing it haha!img_0164I did a commercial for Garnier! I had to speak Spanish, oh myyy how nervous I was haha!12950217_202972860088217_628817070_nAnd I did really cool commercial for Vogue Eyewear with two Spanish bloggers! After that we went to: img_0031 omp_8625 morocco-008 img_0177 omp_6660 omp_6615

Morocco!  Look at Oscars hair haha <3 To sweet. I LOVED Morocco and we are planning to go back 2017, we are not sure if we want to go to Marrakech or Fés.

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After Morocco ee went to Gothenburg & Stockholm. I went to my niece birthday and then we went to Stockholm. I got extentions at Salong Headzone and had suuuuper long hair haha! I  didn’t just go to Stockholm to get extentions. I also visited Filippa and went to the Finest Awards. fin

..And the last days in April were spent in Finland at the Indie Awards and I did a commercial with Olympus pen!

So this was my January to April! Mexico, Morocco, Sweden and Finland! Februari it was a looot with the apartment as well but I don’t have any pictures from that but there is where everything started. Have you been with me the whole year? Love, N 

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