7:36 | December 29, 2016



img_0023My nephew Aston, my little twin <3dsc04320Göteborg dsc04521Me & my cousin Louise, can’t believe she’s 19 soon!dji_0104Love this picture Oscar took with our drone

sweden-2016-001Took this photo of Oscar, it’s not focused but it turned out fine hehe. And two of my favourite persons, Elise & Aston. Both are so special to me <3 Elise and I have always had a strong bond every time we meet, fasters tjej!

dsc04288Acting cool but I was freeeeezing hahaimg_0028Älskade unge <3dsc04328Louise grandma, but she is almost like a grandma to me as well since I’ve known her my whole life.dsc04338


I’m so happy we spent another Christmas in Sweden, I’ve missed Sweden so much. Missed my family so much. But I’ve also missed the small things like fresh tap water, my moms food, the grocery store, the sound when you step on our wood floor in my old home, the fresh air, the Swedish language, the cold. I really love Gothenburg and it will always be home for me, I always get a bit emotional when I get back from Sweden. I can be honest and say that I cry every time I leave Sweden, it’s not that I cry a lot, but I can’t help but crying a bit when I leave Gothenburg. I don’t know if I will ever move back, I honestly don’t think so, maybe in the future if I get a really good job or something. Who knows! Everything  is finally 100% finished in the apartment and today we are moving the bed and bigger furniture! Can you believe it? It’s been months of planning this and it’s FINALLY done. Can’t wait to show you guys everything, doing a vlog today! Love, N

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