9:06 | December 13, 2016

13 DEC

By Oscar Minyo,Wanderlust


Photos by: Oscar Miño / Under water photo: Shane Danger

Mixed photos from Waikiki and the North Shore. Uuuh I get stomach pain of thinking about how much clothes we have to wash today haha. 2 weeks, 2 bags filled with dirty clothes. Anyway I’m getting tired now haha, Oscar changed his jetlag in 1 day. He slept until 09.00 this morning. Like how does people do that? I struggle at least 3-4 days until I can sleep normal. Are you guys the same? Anyway I have to plan my day now, we have 0 food in our fridge and you know what I think about that hehe. Love, N


Blandade bilder från Waikiki och the North Shore. Uuuh får ont i magen när jag tänker på allt jag måste få gjort idag, vi har ett berg av kläder som ska tvättas. 2 veckor, två väskor fyllda med smutsiga kläder. Hur som haver jag börjar bli riktigt trött nu, Oscar har inte ens drabbats av någon jetlag. Han sov till 09.00 i morse, hur är det ens möjligt? Jag har det minst 3-4 dagar innan min kropp vänjer sig. Är ni likadana? Nej nu ska jag planera min dag, det finns ingen mat hemma hos oss och ni vet vad jag tycker om det hehe. Love, N 

10 Responses to “13 DEC”

  1. Kaya on

    I love your blog so much. You just have the best photographer. You are a match made in heaven 🙂 Thanks for sharing and keep sharing 🙂

  2. Léna Renaud on

    I loveeee those pictures !! The way you edit them is so beautiful like the underwater shot is 😱😍
    makes me want to go to Hawaii so badly, think I should add it on my christmas list 😂

  3. Nicolea on

    Hey! I love your pictures and videos so so much! One day, I hope to achieve what you have! A life where you do what you love: travel, fashion, taking pictures and making videos with the person you love. But I have a question, could you do a video about what cameras and equipment you and Oscar use now and what you have used in the past? Also which editing program you use for the videos and pictures and maybe som tips for a person who wants to become a travelvlogger! I hope you read this and will make a video, it would be soo helpful. <3
    Kisses from Nicolea


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