10:12 | November 14, 2016


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Shop the collection HERE.

I’m so proud of my girl that has launched a new collection with Bikbok! The items are so nice, very basic clothes with nice details a la Scandinavian style. I can’t wait to get these jeans and the grey sweater, click here to see the sweater I’m talking about. She has worked really hard with this collection, my little boss lady! If you buy for over 60€ is free delivery. Happy shopping! Love, N


Jag är så stolt över min tjej som precis släppt en kollektion för Bikbok! Älskar varenda plagg, många basplagg a la skandinavisk stil. Längtar tills jag får hem de här jeansen och den gråa koftan, klicka här för att se vilken jag beställt. Hon har jobbat så hårt med den här kollektionen, min boss lady! Om ni handlar för över 600 SEK så bjuder de på frakten. Glad shopping! Love, N 

9:44 | November 12, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ
omp_7337 autumn-outfits-021omp_7363omp_7328omp_7385omp_7354

Jacket: Zalando // Sweater: H&M // Skirt: H&M (similar HERE) // Tights: Calzedonia

Today we are going to a birthday party! One of our best friends here in Barcelona is turning 25 so we are going to celebrate it tonight. It’s go-cart 17.00 and then dinner 21.00 but I have so much to do today so I’m just going to the dinner and maybe after to the party, we will see. By the way I made my hair a biiiit darker the other day at Salon Toro, I don’t know if you can see any difference? Anyway it’s time for a late breakfast now. I hope that you will have a nice Saturday! By the way don’t feel shy to say hello when you see us in Barcelona, I get so happy when you come and say hello, hej or hola haha <3  Love, N


Ikväll ska vi på kalas! En av våra bästa vänner fyller 25 idag så vi ska fira det ikväll. Klockan 17.00 är det Go-cart och 21.00 är det dags för middag. Jag hinner nog inte till 17.00 men jag ska på middagen och festa vidare efter, vi får se. Förresten jag har färgat mitt hår liite mörkare igen, vet inte om ni kan se det? Jag är jätte nöjd! Nu är det dags för sen frukost, jag hoppas att ni får en fin lördag! Skrev seriöst sörtdag istället för lördag, det här med engelska och svenska haha. Förresten säg gärna hej när ni ser oss på stan, vi blir så glada när ni kommer fram och pratar med oss <3 Love, N 

18:07 | November 11, 2016




Babe let’s take a picture..Ok..Anotherwait what are we doing..HAHAHA <3

Thankful. I’m just so thankful for everything in my life. I’m thankful to have a best friend and a partner like Oscar, I know he is the one for me. I can’t stop smiling when I think about the future we have infront of us. I have never laughed so much like now and never been so happy waking up beside someone.

I’m just so thankful for the love we share for each other. I don’t know if you have noticed in my vlogs but he is not as “crazy” as me, he is more calm. I think that our personalities goes along so good. I think we bring out good sides of each other, which is so important in a relationship. You don’t always have to be the same to match perfect.

We motivate each other a lot in our relationship and we always cheer for each other and I love the team we are. I get so proud when Oscar gets a new video job or a photo job, I get so freaking proud. I’m also so proud of his lawyer degree and his master. 23 years old and having a freaking master and a law degree. I was so proud seeing him studying, so stubborn haha! He is one of the first in Spain that had to do a 1,5 year master after taking a law degree. Another thing I’m very proud of Oscar and that I try to look up to is his way of avoiding unnecessary conflicts with people, I think he has got that from his dad a lot. If someone is behaving bad he just tries to save the conflict in a very good way. He never talks bad about people either and I have never seen him in a fight or having a argument with anyone during these 4,5 years (except with me hahaha). I admire him a lot for that.

I love to spoil him. I’m not a big fan of cooking dinners but I really love to  make big delicious breakfasts in the morning, buy him clothes, invite him to restaurants, give him small surprises, clean his closet etc. I really dislike the stereo type couple where the men pays everything, buys everything. It’s 2016, spoil your boyfriends haha. He is a person that really appreciates these things so it’s always nice to do it.

Yes, we drive each other crazy some days and we really want to kill each other haha, but in the end of the day we are best friends again. We are not perfect, but who is?

I’ve not had it easy in my teenage years, I was really lost and feeling low during high school and when my dad passed away. I never thought it would be anything of me and I kind of lost all my motivation. But Oscar has brought out these stubborn, passionated side of me all over again – even more. To hear the words “I believe in you” when no one else understands is worth so much. Trust me when my social media started to become big not many people around me understod how I could “live” with this, but he has been there since day 1 and pushed me so much and that means so much.

Sorry for a long post I just felt like writing about something else than fashion hehe. Have a nice Friday night guys. Love, N

8:51 | November 11, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

omp_6274autumn-outfits-020omp_6262Jacket: Revolve // Shirt: H&M (on sale) // Shoes: Splash Boutique // Bag: Gucci // Sunglasses: Forever21 // Skirt: Urban Outfittersomp_6288

I have really liked to mix and match my clothes lately. Last year I always went for the safe card like black, white and grey. But this year I’ve started to buy more clothes with patterns, with colours etc. I don’t know if you have noticed that? By the way for how long have you been following my blog? I would love to know that! Today we are going to Ikea to buy the table you saw in the vlog last week. I don’t know if you have seen it? It’s a normal table called Vittsjö, I’ve wanted it for a while now and I want o change it a bit and put a bit personal touch to it. Oscar has just made breakfast and after that we are going there. Love, N

Har verkligen tyckt om att mixa och matcha olika kläder på sista tiden. Förra året har körde jag oftast på mycket basplagg och köpte oftast saker i svart, vitt och grått. Men i år har jag blivit lite modigare och köper gärna plagg i andra färger. Jag vet inte om ni har märkt det? Hur länge har ni följt mig på bloggen förresten? Hade varit så kul att veta. Idag ska vi till IKEA för jag ska köpa det där bordet jag visade er i min förra vlogg, vet inte om ni har sett den? Det är ett vanligt Ikea bord som heter Vittsjö som jag spanat in länge och vill göra något roligt med. Oscar har precis gjort frukost så ny ska vi äta och efter det ska vi till Ikea. Love, N