18:53 | October 12, 2016



Here is the second part of our Cyprus trip, I hope you enjoy it! Love, N 
Här kommer vlogg nummer 2 från Cypern, hoppas att ni gillar den! Love, N 

7:48 | October 12, 2016



Something I wish I was better at: Sleeping alone. Oh my I just can’t sleep without Oscar and that’s a big problem. I seriously lay awake until he gets home or I sleep with the light on in the whole apartment (just so that I can see if any killer har entered the apartment).

I’m proud of: Everything I’ve accomplished this year. It’s been a very busy year but I’m very proud for dealing with everything, well almost haha! I’m also proud of stepping out my comfort zone when it comes to making videos.

Todays mood: Woke up with a pretty bad mood but I changed it and now I’m really happy! I’m going to continue like this..

Something I’ve liked lately: Stranger things a serie we finished in 3 days haha. So in love with Eleven and you have to see it! You will understand what I’m talking about. Another thing I’ve liked lately is talking with Oscar about the future <3 It all feels so right and I’m just so excited to spend my life with him. We have so many things going on right now and I’m happy sharing it with all of you.

And not liked: The barking dogs our neighbours have. They seriously bark from 07.30 in the morning to 23.00 in the night.

Something you are longing for: Our new apartment, just want to move in. I think you already know that though hehe! But also my family in Sweden, my mothers foood and fresh air!

Disappointed with: A misstake we did last week, so disappointed. Also disappointed for not sharing more posts here with you, but it’s ok and it will get better.

Appreciate: Being alone once in a while. Since we work together every single day being alone and away from each other a bit is important. It helps us keep the romance and makes me not only think about work. I’m ofcorse also happy that we work a lot together but I also appreciate these small get aways that we do in the end of the day once or twice every week. For example go to a nice view, eat out, have a coffee somewhere.


13:39 | October 11, 2016



Jacket 1: HERE // Jacket 2: HERE // Jacket 3: HERE // Jacket 4: HERE // Jacket 5: HERE // Jacket 6: HERE // Jacket 7: HERE // Jacket 8: HERE – (Ad links)

My favourite autumn/winter jacket is the faux fur. It makes your outfit look more stylish than a normal winter jacket. I have around 6 of them in my closet and I can’t wait to wear them this autumn, it’s still a bit to warm but don’t get chocked if you see a outfit post this week with a faux fur hehe. The latest in my collection is a dark green one but I want a powder pink or dark blue as well, like the on in the collage. I also love to wear biker jackets, coats and so one but I think the faux fur still is my favourite. Have you seen the latest trend the bear coat? I’m in love haha! I have to get one of these, they look so cozy. I think H&M has got one for a good price. I can’t find it online though othervice I would have linked it. Anyway I’m going to Barcelona now, tell me if you want more shopping tips!  Love, N


Min favorit höst/vinterjacka är faux fur. Jag tycker att det gör en hel vinter outfit. Jag har ca 6 stycken i min garderob och som jag har längtat att kunna bära de! Det är dock lite för varmt fortfarande men bli inte chockade om jag tar på mig de ändå haha. Senaste tillskottet i garderoben är en mörkgrön men jag hade inte tackat nej till en puderrosa eller blå, den i collaget är en stor favorit. Jag älskar också biker jackor, kappor osv men faux fur är nog fortfarande en favorit när det kommer till höstjackor. Har ni sett de här björnjackorna alla går runt med? Måste få tag på en sån haha, ser så himla gosiga ut! Har sett en inne på H&M, hittade den dock inte online annars hade jag länkat den. Nu ska jag in till Barcelona. Säg gärna till om ni vill ha mer shopping tips! Love, N 

9:41 | October 11, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Dress: Urban Outfitters HERE // Shoes: Zara // Bag: Zara // Jacket: H&M

Hello babes! We are feeling a bit better today. I woke up 07.00 today to clean, listen to calm music and drink my tea in peace haha! I know so ridiculous maybe but I like to start my day like that. I really want to start with meditation again, I’ve been so bad lately. Anyway as you might know I work a lot with Urban Outfitters so I’m going to style some of their pieces here on the blog and first out is this leopard dress. The material of this dress is just amazing, really soft. It’s a bit “cold” in Barcelona now – finally! Been waiting 6 months for this cold hehe. I’m going to wash some clothes now and clean my walk in closet a bit more since it’s a bit messy in there and I just want to have everything in order. Love, N


Hej finisar! Vi mår lite bättre idag, vaknade klockan 07.00 för att städa, lyssna på lugn music och dricka mitt älskade te haha. Gillar att starta min dag så här. Måste dock ta tag i meditationen igen, har slarvat lite på sista tiden och jag mår så bra av att meditera 20 min på morgonen innan dagen startar. Hur som haver ni kanske redan vet att jag jobbar med Urban Outfitters så kommer att styla lite höst outfits här på bloggen i oktober. Älskar den här klänningen och älskar tyget, så himla mjukt! Det är äntligen lite “kallare” i Barcelona nu. Har väntat 6 månader, vi har seriöst sommar 6 månader här nere..Nu ska jag tvätta lite kläder, fixa och dona i min walk in closet då det är kaos där inne. Love, N 

– In collaboration with Urban Outfitters

18:34 | October 10, 2016



berlinSince we are going through a shit day both me and Oscar we just sat down together and wrote a to-do list together and things we want to do better.

Get more organised. Sometimes our job makes us very stressed and it hits us both very hard, often more me than Oscar. I’m normally very organised and I always write down everything either in my calendar or in my phone. Buuut I’m human and lately it’s been a lot for us lately since we started with Youtube. We need to figure out a smart way how to have time for everything.

– It’s ok not to be perfect. Days when I don’t post 2 posts or when I don’t managed to publish a video on time makes me feel really really bad. I’m a perfectionist and that’s not always good. I have to remember that we are human and that it’s ok to not to things perfect every day the whole week.

– Don’t stress. We stress over things we shouldn’t stress over. Like leaving the apartment over cleaned when we are going to travel for 9 days. I mean we have to clean anyway when we get home..But stressing around like a hen doesn’t help before travelling, and it really didn’t help this time.


– Learn to say no. We have it hard to say no to people and we need to get better in that. We have a job that isn’t so “normal” and it’s very hard to explain that to friends and family sometimes. Like some nights/evenings when we really need to sit down and edit videos/photos, go through our work for the week. It can be hard for a person that has a normal 08.00-17.00 job to understand that we have to be home tonight and work. For some people it can sound weird when I say “I have to be home tonight because I have to answer some mails, edit the video for tomorrow blabla” and they answer “can’t you do it tomorrow?”. Like no, it doesn’t work like that..The brands we work with doesn’t accept it.

– Believe in ourselves. To not lose motivation when we have hard days. To support each other is very important, even when we are going through bad days. Today we have been extra loving to each other.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

– Have time for eachother. Since we work together everyday it can be hard sometimes to not discuss work when we are out eating for example. But we have created a rule like that we don’t talk about it after we are done editing, if it’s not super important ofcorse. I’m very happy working with Oscar and I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my job with. We have grown so much in our relationship and working with such a smart and CREATIVE person everyday makes me motivated to keep going with all this. I know that many of you already know this but Oscar takes all my photos and edits all my videos, writes all the contracts etc.

Anyway maybe this post helped someone that has felt a bit bad or stressed lately. Remember that we are humans and things goes wrong once in a while – and it’s OK. No matter how bad it went, it’s ok. After crying the whole morning today and last night I feel like it’s time to move on now and just keep going. Lots of love,  N