10:32 | October 19, 2016



You know that I like to do this tag thing and I’ve done it on Youtube as well. But I know that not all of you are following my Youtube channel so I thought I would answer  the future tag here on the blog! I’ve done a similar future tag before but I’ve got a lot of “future” questions on my Youtube and on the blog lately so let’s do one more. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Answer: Living in the Mediterranean with Oscar, hopefully here in Barcelona or outside Barcelona. I’m hopefully having my own brand and kids running around. 

Do you want to get married?:
Answer: Yes but I’m not stressed about it at all. 

Do you want to have children?
Answer: Yes I would love to have 2-4 children. I want a biiig family! I’ve always been so alone when I was a kid and I was so jealous of my friends having siblings haha. 

Do you want to move? If yes, where?
No, I’m really happy here in Barcelona and I don’t see myself moving anywhere right now.

How does your dream house look like?
We are working on our dream apartment for the moment so you will see the final result maybe in April? 🙂 But a dream house would be a white house maybe in Sitges or Castelldefels infront of the ocean. I want to live close to Oscars family, since we are not living in Sweden with my family at least I want his family close to us.

What is your dream job?
I love the job I have now. I love to be created with my style, edit photos, film videos and so on. If not this I would love to be a actress or have my own brand.

What are 5 things you want to do before you die?
 Swim with wild dolphins, be in a movie, learn Spanish, create my own brand, have children, visit Sri-Lanka with my mother and Oscars parents, watch the Northern light in north of Sweden, write a book, see the Grand Canyon, see the seven wonders of the world, drive-in cinema, Disney world, visit Japan with my mother, buy my mother an apartment in Barcelona, safari in Tanzania or another country in Africa. Sorry that was more than 5 things but I want to do so many things before I die haha..

Are you scared of the future?
 No, I’m more excited!

What’s your biggest dream you would like to achive in life?
Answer: My biggest dream is to create a life that I’m happy with and that I feel proud and satisfied with.

What would be the ideal age for you to die?
Answer: ehhmm maybe 96? Creepy question ;P

19:29 | October 18, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ


Skirt, top and shoes: Splash Online HERE // Bag: Zara

Hey guys! This is one of my personal favourite looks of this autumn, just love the material of  this skirt and the details of the shirt. If you have seen my Cyprus video you have seen the outfit before in the fitting room hehe. The shoes are also really comfortable and my new favourites! I love shoes with platforms as you might have noticed. Anyway I have just been in the gym, I’ve been really bad lately, I’m about to change that now! Been really bad the whole summer since we’ve been working with different stuff and travelled a lot. But I’m so freaking motivated now. It’s so nice to have Seppi here, Oscar and he has very similar interests so I don’t have to listen to Oscars camera talk heheeee. I’m going to eat a late dinner and watch a serie now. Love, N


Hej finisar! Det här är en av mina favorit outfits just nu, älskar materialet på kjolen och detaljerna på tröjan. Om ni har sett min vlogg från Cypern så har ni nog redan sett den här looken. Skorna är så himla sköna och är ett par nya favoriter i garderoben. Är helt insnöad på skor med platåskor just nu som ni kanske märkt. Hur som haver jag har varit på gymmet, har slarvat så mycket den senaste tiden så nu har jag tänk att ändra det. Har varit dålig hela sommaren då vi jobbat med så många olika saker och för att vi har rest en hel del. Men nu är jag sjukt motiverad. Det är förresten så kul att ha Seppi här, Oscar och han har många gemensamma intressen så jag behöver inte lyssna på Oscars kamera tjöööt hehe. Nu ska jag äta en sen middag och kolla på en serie. Love, N 


14:18 | October 18, 2016


documents2-001 lo

1. HERE // 2. HERE // 3. HERE // 4. HERE // 5. HERE // 6. HERE // 7. HERE (Contains ad links)

So it’s been a bit kaos today, I couldn’t log into my computer earlier today, my password wasn’t working and I got panic. After 1 hour on the phone (Oscar was on the phone) with a guy from Ireland we could finally log in. Thank you Jaimer for the help haha, no idea if he will read this. Anyway that’s the reason why I haven’t been blogging the whole day.  I have decided to do the autun haul this  week since some of you wanted it. Hopefully I will be able to do it before Sunday but I’m not sure if I will have time. Seppi is finally in Barcelona, they are going to the mountain for 2 days to film, but I guess we will do something really cool with Seppi as well in Barcelona. I don’t know if I’ve told you but he is a great film maker, check him out here. Love, N


 Vi har haft kaos här hemma idag, kunde inte logga in på min dator då mitt lösenord inte fungerade och jag fick såklart panik hehe. Efter att ha spenderat 1 timma på telefonen med en kille från Irland (Oscar pratade med honom) så var det äntligen löst. Tack Jaimer, inte för att han kommer att läsa detta men ändå haha. Hur som haver jag har bestämt att göra en höst haul på min Youtube den här veckan då ni var ett par stycken som ville se det. Hoppas dock att jag hinner filma innan söndag. Seppi är äntligen i Barcelona och killarna ska till Odesa (ett berg) för att filma några dagar, jag tror att vi kommer göra något grymt med Seppi då han är sjukt begåvad när det kommer till att filma. Vet inte om jag berättat det tidigare? Kolla in hans hemsida här. Love, N 

14:27 | October 17, 2016



Another cloudy day in Barcelona, but I’m loving it. We are going to shoot some looks soon and then I’m going to clean a bit because Seppi is coming tomorrow. I don’t want him to drown in dust, no I’m kidding. We have to go to the grocery store as well to buy food and then I have to sit with the vlog for Wednesday. I’m thinking about making a autumn haul either this week or next, would you like to see that? I really need some movie tips so if you have any tips to share, tell me! Right now we are watching the O.J Simposon serie but the problem is that I’ve seen every single documentary that case so the serie is a biiit boring for me, but Oscar is loving it. But I really want to see more movies so I would be happy if you could tell me your favourite movies. Have a nice Monday! Love, N

6:10 | October 17, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

omp_4182 documents2-1 omp_4226 omp_4198Jacket: Zara // T-shirt: Bershka // Skirt: H&M // Boots: Zara // Strumpbyxor: Calzedonia


I was wearing this look yesterday when we went to Barcelona, I really like the metallic jacket. And I’m really liking the fishnet trend that is going on! I was so tired yesterday even though I slept like a baby the whole night, some days I’m just a living zombie, not even a coffee could save me. Anyway I hope you liked yesterdays video, if you haven’t seen it watch it HERE. Anyway I’m thinking about having a meet and greet here in Barcelona very soon, I just have to plane where and how hehe. Seppi is coming to Barcelona tomorrow so we are going hang out with him for one week, let’s see how it is living with two guys hehe. He is super talented when it comes to filming so I think we are going to do something really cool! Now it’s time for breakfast. Love, N


Hade på mig det här igår när vi var i Barcelona, gillar verkligen den här metalljackan. Älskar även fishnet-trenden som pågår nu, fick hem de här från Calzedonia förra veckan. Var så trött igår även fast jag sov som en bebis hela natten, vissa dagar är jag seriöst en levande zombie. Hur som haver jag hoppas att ni gillade gårdagens video, om ni inte sett den så klicka HÄR. Har tänkt att ha en meet and greet i Barcelona snart. Måste dock planera vart och hur hehe, men hade det varit intressant? Seppi kommer till Barcelona imorgon så vi ska hänga med honom i en vecka. Han är sjukt talangfull så vi kommer säkert att filma något riktigt grymt ihop. Love, N