8:14 | October 28, 2016


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Here’s some inspiration for our apartment. I don’t think I’ve shown you any inspiration in a while? In just 2 months we will be living in another flat and I can’t wait to start a “new” life there. Yes, I see it as a new fresh start and it feels very good that it’s in the end of this year. We are really renovating our dream apartment and it’s a project that I love, I think both me and Oscar are loving this. He is so excited for his new office. I seriously spend hours every week to collect inspiration for our new home. Do you want to see how the apartment looks like in our next vlog? Yes I call it ours since Oscar is a big part in the vlogs as well hehe. But let me know if you want to see a apartment update. By the way our other computer has crashed, really bad! So our videos for this week are gone..Yep I’m so sad but it’s not so much to do 🙁 Love, N

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  1. Dirk on

    Yes ofcourse we would like to see an apartment update. I really love this style…. and the clothes hanger is just fantastic! 😃


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