7:48 | October 12, 2016



Something I wish I was better at: Sleeping alone. Oh my I just can’t sleep without Oscar and that’s a big problem. I seriously lay awake until he gets home or I sleep with the light on in the whole apartment (just so that I can see if any killer har entered the apartment).

I’m proud of: Everything I’ve accomplished this year. It’s been a very busy year but I’m very proud for dealing with everything, well almost haha! I’m also proud of stepping out my comfort zone when it comes to making videos.

Todays mood: Woke up with a pretty bad mood but I changed it and now I’m really happy! I’m going to continue like this..

Something I’ve liked lately: Stranger things a serie we finished in 3 days haha. So in love with Eleven and you have to see it! You will understand what I’m talking about. Another thing I’ve liked lately is talking with Oscar about the future <3 It all feels so right and I’m just so excited to spend my life with him. We have so many things going on right now and I’m happy sharing it with all of you.

And not liked: The barking dogs our neighbours have. They seriously bark from 07.30 in the morning to 23.00 in the night.

Something you are longing for: Our new apartment, just want to move in. I think you already know that though hehe! But also my family in Sweden, my mothers foood and fresh air!

Disappointed with: A misstake we did last week, so disappointed. Also disappointed for not sharing more posts here with you, but it’s ok and it will get better.

Appreciate: Being alone once in a while. Since we work together every single day being alone and away from each other a bit is important. It helps us keep the romance and makes me not only think about work. I’m ofcorse also happy that we work a lot together but I also appreciate these small get aways that we do in the end of the day once or twice every week. For example go to a nice view, eat out, have a coffee somewhere.


10 Responses to “RANDOM LIST”

  1. Dalal on

    You need to believe a little more in destiny, this “mistake” you made was meant to happen… and there is probably a cosmic reason for it, maybe for something better to come or to clear space for something good. I try to learn lessons from my mistakes but I realized it helps no one when I backlash my self so much with guilt wondering why I did not do things differently. Destiny! I hope your mood will get better <3 Stay cool. Bisous


  2. Lola on

    Tascha I really enjoyed reading this post. I know your blog is mostly fashion-related but these more personal posts are great as it allows your readers to get to know you a bit more!
    Have a great day.

  3. Olesya on

    I saw your last video today, that day in Rome I tried to look for you for say “Hi” and a selfie of course ahahah I would meet you buut,maybe nex time hehe

  4. Dirk on

    Dalal is 100% right!! (and she said it so well)… There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, you just need to learn from them. Making mistakes (and learning from it) will make you so much stronger and make you a lot more experienced. There’s a reason for everything. Always think positive, girl! By the way, it’s also perfectly normal that you have so much followers… your blog is making people happy, you are so honest, so human and you are a role model for thousands of people, and not to forget… you are both sooooooooo cute. There is no other way…the whole world must love you guys. Big hug!!

  5. Elena on

    How to get away with murder, Best tv show ever!! You must start watching it. I think you will both like it because it’s about law and it is similar to Suits( and I know you loved that show). I really loved this post btw. 🙂

  6. Miri on

    hello love, really get this feeling of wanting to help you out of your mistake. Anyway everything will be fine in the end. By the way your pics need sometimes long until they loaded in full. You ever need help, my boyfriend is a programmer 🙂

  7. Dalal on

    @Miri I had the same problem on my blog. It’s because the pictures are high definition. @Natasha I soleved the problem by resizing the pictures in a smaller version 1920×1080 it’s still good quality but does not take ages to upload <3



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