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Adidas sneakers: HERE // Skirt: Similar HERE // Top: Similar HERE // Bag: Old from Zara (Not similar but also works with this look) HERE 

Yes it’s Oscars birthday but I’m so freaking sad. I woke up with the worst stomach pain 04.00 this morning (I’m in that time of the month). I couldn’t sleep until 07.45. I’m one of these persons that pukes, gets really much pain that I can’t sleep etc. I was crying of pain for 3 hours until I was really exhausted and fell asleep. Anyway it’s his birthday today and I always like to make a extra big breakfast for him on this day and treat him a bit special, my alarm was supposed to ring 06.00 today but instead I woke up 10.00 – with pain. I wanted this day to be so special but instead I’m sitting here with cramps and a rice pillow on my stomach and HE is making breakfast for me instead. Feeling so so bad since I take birthdays quite serious, especially his. I hope I will be strong enough to invite him to a dinner and movie tonight instead, if not today we will do it tomorrow. Sorry for such a boring post, I hope you are having a better day!! Love, N


Ja, det är Oscars födelsedag men jag är så sjukt ledsen. Vaknade upp med världens mensvärk 04.00 i morse. Kunde inte somna om förens 07.45 någon gång. Jag är en av de personerna som spyr och har mig när jag har mens vilket gör att jag verkligen inte kan sova. Grät i 3 timmar fram tills jag var helt slut i kroppen och somnade. Hur som haver det är Osar födelsedag och som vanligt vill jag gärna göra en extra stor frukost och skämma bort honom lite extra. Hade satt alarm klockan 06.00 men vaknade klockan 10.00 – med smärta. Ville verkligen att den här dagen skulle bli speciell men istället sitter jag här med kramper och en riskudde på magen och HAN gör frukost till mig istället, sån fail! Är så ledsen då jag tar födelsedagar seriöst, speciellt hans. Jag får helt enkelt gottgöra honom imorgon. Hoppas att ni har en bättre dag och ledsen för tråkigt inlägg! Love, N 

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  1. Dirk on

    Hey N.,
    Don’t worry… Oscar undoubtedly knows that you love him so much. I’m sure he will be very understanding and I’m convinced that caring for you will make him very very happy too. Ok, birthdays are something special, but it’s way better to love him and care for him every single day, than just to be attentive when it’s his birthday. Oscar will surely confirm this. Btw tomorrow is an other day… I hope you feel better soon. 😉 Happy birthday to Oscar!!

  2. Rosana on

    Awwww you poor thing 🙁 I get exactly the same so I know how you feel 🙁 I hope you recover asap and celebrate soon! Happy birthday Oscar!
    P.s. I don’t know if it’s just me but the pics of ur different posts are mixed for example there is a picture of the inspiration post in this post. Might only be on my phone but Just wanted to let you know :*

  3. Ana on


    Just wanted to let you know that I used to have the same issue with my time of the month, the pain was unbearable and I was throwing up and crying. You can get help for that from your doctor. Mine prescribed me some “candles” for pain and as soon as I feel the pain coming, I will use them and they work instantly (faster than normal pills you take orally)

    You really shouldn’t suffer from this and get help, I know exactly how horrible it is.
    Hope you felt better in the evening and were able to celebrate xxxx


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