8:43 | September 10, 2016


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Yesterday we had one of those realy cozy days, we strolled around Sagrada Familia, had a smoothie and went home and watched Suits. Today it’s cloudy outside and I’m hoping it to be a bit cold as well, but no. I know it sounds crazy but after 5 months of heat trust me I’m missing the Swedish autumn a bit. I want to cuddle under blankets, drink tea (ok I do it anyway but you get it), light candles and all that. How is it in your country, is it cold yet? I have not been in the gym for 3 days so I’m ready to sweat! We are also trying to finish the Berlin video for tomorrow so I hope it will be finished in time. Are any of you also following my Youtube? Love, N


Igår hade vi en riktigt mysdag, vi strosade runt vid Sagrada Famila, drack en smoothie och gick hem för att kolla på Suits. Idag är det molnigt och jag hoppas på lite kyla, men icke sa nicke. Jag vet att det låter helt tokigt om man är svensk men efter 5 månader med sol så saknar jag faktiskt den svenska hösten. Vill mysa under en filt, dricka te och tända ljus. Eller ni kanske inte bor i Sverige? Hur är vädret där ni bor? Jag har inte varit i gymmet på 3 dagar så nu är det dags att svettas lite. Vi ska också försöka bli klara med Berlin videon imorgon så jag hoppas att den blir klar i tid! Följer ni min Youtube också? Love, N 

16 Responses to “COZY FRIDAYS”

  1. Anna on

    Loveee your Youtube Videos! Here in Germany it’s almost atumn and I wished it would be warmer outside😩 (It’s like 22 degrees)

  2. Jess on

    Of course I follow your Youtube channel!! Your videos are very well elaborated and are amazing, as you 😉 In addition, if you were here in Andalucía you would be like melted chocolate, trust me hahahaha

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Thank you dear!!
      I understand that, my boyfriends mothers is from Andalucia so I have to go one day there when its a bit cooler haha! 😀
      Un beso

  3. Mina on

    I am so obsessed with your blogg! The best thing to read in the morning with a cup of coffee. I have been reading your blogg for a while now and have always been curious on how long you have lived in Barcelona and how it is to live there. My sister has an apartment there and I am thinking of taking over her sweet little place one day because I truly love, love Barcelona.
    🙂 Mina from Bergen <3

  4. Ana on

    I was just recently in Barcelona and I remember you writing about your fav vegetarian restaurant – Vegetalia. I don’t know if you know this one, but please please please make sure you go to Green Spot on Barceloneta, YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!


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