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So it’s finally up! I’ve told you I’m going to start making one daily vlog every week from now on. Oscar is also going to be a part in them, we kind of like to do the videos together as well and I hope you like it. I took you around on a quite boring day but you will have to see those as well and not only us travelling. We do a lot of computer work and editing from our apartment. I sat with the computer for around 6-7 that day but I also wanted to film like daily stuff, such as a lunch break with one of my friends and going to the grocery with Oscar. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you want to see more of those videos. I saw one comment that I’m ugly without makeup but I’m really not going to put makeup on my face 08.00 just to be pretty in a video, daily vlogs is nice just because you get to see the real deal more or less aaand I’ve been without any makeup before in my travel videos? Anyway I hope you like it and that you want to see more of this <3 Lots of love, N


Nu är vloggen äntligen uppe! Som jag berättat för er tidigare så kommer jag att börja vlogga varje onsdag. Oscar kommer också att vara med i mina vloggar så jag hoppas att ni tycker det är kul. Visade er kanske inte den roligaste dagen i det här klippet men vi jobbar mycket från datorn hemifrån och jag satt ca 6-7 timmar den dagen framför datorn. Meeen jag vill visa er mina riktiga dagar också som att ha lunch med en vän, gå och handla mat osv. Såg förresten att någon påpekade att jag borde sminka mig i mina videos. Men varför skulle jag göra det när jag sitter hemma framför datorn 8 på morgonen? Dagliga videor ska ju vara “äkta” och då har jag inte smink, sedan så har jag vart utan smink 100 gånger i mina andra videor, speciellt de när vi reser. Hur som haver jag hoppas att ni gillade videon och att ni vill se mer av vårt vardagliga liv! Jag vet att många av er gillar våra resevideor men så ser inte våra dagar ut varje dag så vill visa hur det är när vi är hemma i Barcelona också. Love, N 

35 Responses to “DAILY VLOG BCN PART 2”

  1. Chanice on

    Can’t we just ban all of those people to one island already? – those that feel the necessity to put a comment stating someone is ugly. So miserable!

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Haha I agree ;P No one has ever come to me on the street saying I look ugly or skinny, but I guess it’s easier when someone can be anonymous on the internet ;P
      Hugs!! <3

  2. Alba on

    How ugly that comment! You’re beautiful with or without maquillage like all women of this world. I love these videos, I vote for that keep doing! And we delighted to see Oscar in videos, do a huge couple!

  3. Silva on

    We were in Bcn few months ago, so pity that we did not met you too! You are FUNNY WOMAN (please,read with a funny accent) nothing but love for you too!!!

  4. Valery on

    Haha girl ignore those comments, who wants to wear Make-up all day, every day??? you are stunning with or without it. I love the vlog and I’m so excited you decided to vlog weekly!

  5. Valery on

    Haha girl, ignore those comments. Who wants to wear make-up all day, every day anyway??? You are beautiful with or without Make up. I love the vlog by the way and I’m so excited you decided to vlog weekly! Love the channel and the blog!

    • EmitazAdmin on

      I agree, I hate wearing makeup, or no I hate putting it I because I’m not so good haha.
      Thank you dear I’m also very excited! 😀
      Lots of love, N

  6. Alba on

    A question for the Q&A:
    How much money do you earn for the blog, YouTube chanel? And for a colaboration with some marks to wear some clothes, and up a picture with it?

  7. Juste on

    Hey Natasha, greetings from not so sunny Scotland! Just wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t even bother to pay attention to these kind of silly comments! C’mon look at yourself, you are super gorgeous and stylish girl! You got outstanding natural look, and it’s normal that many of people will be jealous for you. Plus, you got hot and loving boyfriend! Let the haters be jealous!
    Calm down and keep on vlogging! 😉

    P.s., the other day I finally tried one of your smoothie bowl receipts! Delicious!!

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello Juste!
      Thank you so much for this comment haha you made me smile so much!! <3
      Yeaay 😀 I have to post the recipes a bit more here on the blog!
      Love, N

  8. Karolina on

    Det var det sjukaste jag hört! Du är ju helt otroligt vacker utan smink, människor är avundsjuka helt enkelt…
    Älskar dina videos och det är jättekul när Oscar är med! Ni är så härliga personer!

    Kram <3

  9. Ely🍒 on

    You’re so beautiful and chic with or without makeup..people are mean without any reason..just ignore them..keep doing this vlogs…i love seeing everything that you’re posting😘

  10. Gabriele on

    What a stupid comment, that you’re ugly without make up! You’re are beautiful as same as your personality is! Thanks for making blogs,waiting to see more of them!

  11. Rosana on

    Omg I almost peed in my pants watching the last part 😂😂😂 hilarious! And you look gorgeous without makeup don’t listen to silly comments please! Love xxx


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