17:36 | August 18, 2016


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I just came home from a looong lunch with Laura. I think it was one of the longest lunches I’ve ever had haha, 4 hours long. But we had so much to talk about and it was really cozy, she’s is such an adorable person. I love when you meet people and you just click the first second. Anyway after that I went shopping by myself and found some nice pieces at Brandy Melville, I just love the basic one size clothes that they have. By the way Mallorca next week is booked! When I came home Oscar had booked a small little trip for us since we are celebrating 4 years together next week <3 I love Mallorca so I’m really excited for it. Now I’m going to the gym, I’m so excited for it believe it or not haha! Love, N

11:09 | August 18, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ
OMP_3515Summer looks 20162-003OMP_3502OMP_3558OMP_3579OMP_3517

Shoes: Pull&Bear // Dress: Showpo HERE // Sunglasses: Double Agent // Bag: Zara (old)

Good morning babes. I’m going to work a bit and then I’m meeting up Laura for lunch. We are probably going to Tenorio or Cheri. Ah I’m missing the Yacht week so much, seeing our photos and all the videos makes me want to repeat it all over again! I never thought I would love being on a boat, I guess all the amazing location & the people made it so magic. I have some more photos to show you so I hope that you’re not tired of it. Today I’m going to record another video for you, we were supposed to do it yesterday but we were like two zombies both of us (me and Oscar) I don’t know why but we worked so bad. Anyway we have to start now! Love, N

18:59 | August 17, 2016




So this blonde babe is coming to Barcelona on Friday so it’s time to plan some fun stuff. We are thinking about making a video together but we have no idea what to do? Anyone that has any idea haha? I have honestly not done much today, I don’t know just a really bad day. I woke up tired and then it just continued being a day of laziness, not ok when I have a lot of things to do. Aaah guilty feelings deluxe. At least we have cleaned a lot and bought food. I got some great news today though so I’m really hoping for the best. I can’t tell you yet about it since nothing is sure yet. Anyway I’m going to take a warm bath now and shave my hairy legs. I hope you’ve had a better day! By the way I changed my banner, what do you think? Love, N

8:02 | August 17, 2016



Costa Brava

Yesterday we went to Costa Brava. Both of us regret not sleeping there instead of going back to Barcelona. It’s so beautiful in Costa Brava, the beaches are really amazing! We went to two different, the first one was called platja Fonda and the second platja Illa Roja my favourite was the second. I have to warn you though that it’s a nudist beach if you don’t like that. Platja is beach in catalan by the way so I write it here. Today I have a lot of mail to go through so I will do that and then I’m off to the gym. I have missed the gym so freaking much, I haven’t been there in 3 weeks. I always start eating better when I train, these 3 weeks has been nothing but sugar and a lot of junk food basically everything that is bad for you stomach. I love to eat organic and healthy and we bought a lot of healthy stuff on our way from Costa Brava so now I’m going to have breakfast on the balcony. Love, N

6:21 | August 16, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_3851Summer looks 20162-002OMP_3941Shirt: Primark // Shorts: IMSO.COM // Bag: Bershka // Shoes: AdidasOMP_3873

Good morning babes. Yesterday we went to the cinema and this was my casual look. The movie we saw was really really bad, I choose it because Alicia Vikander was in it, but we were really disappointed haha. Anyway today we are going somewhere, I don’t know where yet but both of us wants to go to another place. Maybe north of Barcelona? We always end up going south and I want to see something different. Tomorrow I’m recording a new video for you! As I’ve told you if it’s anything specific you want me to film, let me know. I always write down everything you say and I also look what you want to see the most, I mean I want to film something you want to see hehe. I have to get ready now! Love, N