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So it was a while I did a Q&A and yes I will do it in a video! So ask me anything here and I will answer it in a video. Next video (from Mallorca) will be up on Sunday! Sorry for the delay, I will make it up to you next week I promise <3 Love, N


Det var ett tag sedan jag gjorde en Q&A och jag har tänkt att svara på era frågor i en video igen! Så fråga mig vad ni vill i det här inlägget så svarar jag er i en video. Nästa video (från Mallorca) kommer upp på söndag. Förlåt för att den är sen, lovar att gottgöra er nästa vecka <3 Love, N 

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    • Kriszy on

      Uhm how you and Oscar survived being in a long distance? Any tips aswell?

      Thank you! So much love from the Philippines! I’m your biggest fan Emelie!! <3 xx

  1. Kia on

    I’m currently in a long distance relationship, which means that every day involves counting. When I’m not with him I’m counting the days until we meet again and when we’re together I count the few days we have left until the thousands kilometers once again gets in the way. I’m a very emotional person and it takes me a while to stop being sad and continue on with my everyday life when I get back from a meet up or when he gets back home after visiting me. And I have a hard time finding anything I liked to do before fun because I get stuck in a negative mindset.
    Not long ago I read in a previous Q&A f yours that you and Oscar were doing long distance for 2 years. My question is how did you keep a positive mind while you were apart? And do you have any other thoughts that might be helpful? Thank you in advance xx

    • Anastasia on

      hey, I just read your question 🙂 me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship for 3 years now, and it’ll still be a small while before we can live together. I totally get how you feel, I’m super emotional too and it’s super easy to get stuck in this negative mindset… I’m still counting the days when we can see eachother again. I sometimes still have problems, when I have a lot going on in my studies. It sure gets better after a while, what I didn’t believe at first but I have to admit it’s easier than it was at first… and what the most important thing is not to forget your friends meanwhile.. it can help so much being surrounded by people and have a bit of fun and not always think on how much you miss the person .. you still have to live! 🙂 and a lot of skype and texting on viber or msn helps a lot too 🙂
      Hope I could help a bit 🙂

      • KIA on

        Oh, thank you Anastasia!! I’m so greatful that you took your time to answer my comment. It definitely helps to hear calming words from someone that is in the same situation. Everything you mentioned is more than true and I’m gonna keep fighting these negative thoughts. Thank you once again and I wish the two of you all the best, be strong, the last bit of time that is left until you can live together will pass by quickly xxx

        • Anastasia on

          I’m happy that I could help a bit! it’s cool when you can talk to someone that is in the same situation, because people mostly don’t totally understand even though they try but they can’t really relate…
          And never let jealousy get in the way.. trust is the key to everything 🙂
          I wish you all the same Kia!

    • Sara on

      Hi! I read your comment too. I’m also in a long distance relationship, and about to go back home which makes me so sad! So I completely understand you.
      What helps me is to really focus on the positive, I know it sounds cliche.. but it works! For me it’s important to focus on what good can come out of this, like (1) getting to miss each other, (2) more time for friends, (3) getting to focus 100% on your own stuff, any personal projects/goals you might have, fitness, studies. Stuff that you might not get done when your with you guy. And as Anastasia says, be around friends when you’re missing him, occupy yourself. 🙂

      Xx, Sara

      • KIA on

        Thank you too Sara, I really appriciate you leaving a comment cheering me up. Im definitely gonna turn my negative thoughts into positive ones. And I’ll focus on doing the things you mentioned. I wish you and your loved one all the best, once again, thank you!! Xx

  2. Love Emitaz on

    1.How you treat your skin and hair? Because you spend so much time on the sun.

    P.S. You are so positive person and when I looking your yt videos, I get so much positive vibes 😍 So I can’t wait for every new video Emitaz 😘

  3. Carla on

    Hi Natascha! What are your cameras you film your Vlog with? The quality is amazing! (Underwater video, drone, photos of shooting with Oscar, videos in Vlog…)
    I hope you have a good day. Love you so much ❤️

    • Leticia on

      I am with Carla… hehe!
      In one of your vlogs you mentioned you use a Nikon, a Canon, the GoPro cam and a drone, right?
      Yet, what program do you use to edit both, photos and videos (adding music, clipping, editing the colors)? And, to add text to the videos?

      1000 Tack

  4. Sofía González on

    Cuando algún día vuelvas a Mallorca,¿tienes pensado hacer alguna quedada o algo?
    Me encantaría poder tener la oportunidad de conocerte.
    Pd.Eres guapísima y Óscar y tú monísimos,me encantan vuestras fotos y lo vídeos tan geniales ¡Un beso!

  5. Noe on

    Did you have another relationships? How many time..?
    Cuanto tiempo llevas con el blog? Incluyendo el tazzblogg.debote.se (o algo así). En Suecia cómo lo hacías sin ayuda de Oscar para las fotos? Cómo te decidiste a iniciarlo? Y cómo has conseguiste tantos seguidores sin aún haber trabajado en agencias? Quiero decir, cuando llegaste a españa ya tenias muchos seguidores.
    3 cosas que no te gusten de Oscar. O manías.

  6. Frida on

    Firstly, thank you for your lovely blog.

    My question is about your work. If you would describe what you work with in your own words, what would you say? Are you hired by a company and/or are you your own boss? How does a normal work day/week look for you?

    I also wonder about how you stay so structured when you work so much from home? As a new freelancer I would love to hear your best advice.

  7. Val on

    Hi tascha, Would you ever consider more vlogging? Not necessarily daily vlogging but just more videos taking us through your daily life?

  8. Alexa on

    1) Tell us more about your blogging job 🙂
    2) If you have any advice on how to avoid/handle money issues in the couple. If you and Oscar are paying half and half for everything? (i always argue with my boyfriend regarding money thats why i would like to know your point of view)

  9. Fiola on

    Hi beautiful 🙂
    I´m wondering where your bikini top from the last yatchweek picture is from? That one where you woke up early to see the sunset? 🙂

  10. Elisha on

    Hey! I love your blog and IG profile, you are so positive and inspiring. 🙂
    I have two questions…how do you edit your Instagram photos and if it is not a secret, how much do you earn from your blog? 🙂 Keep doing it! 😉

  11. Elisha on

    Hey! I love your blog and Instagram page. I have two questions…how do you edit your IG photos and if it is not a secret, how much do you earn from your blog? 🙂 Keep doing it! 😉

  12. Justdalal on

    Hey, I just started a blog as well and I am really inspired by yours. Hats off for your work, it’s really impressive that you post daily, and sometimes more than once a day, always with beautiful high quality pictures <3

    My question is:How do you choose the brands you collaborate with? Or how d they choose you? I know you only pick ones from whom you can buy even without a collab, that's what makes your content genuine. Do you use services like famebit?


  13. Nischelle on

    Hi there. I love your blog and your vlogs too. I wanted to ask, you said Oscar studied law, does he practice as a lawyer or what does he do for a living?

    Thanks. xx

  14. Jolene on

    Hello Emitaz, First I just want you to know that you are a positive person and you are not just physiccally beautiful, but so is your mind and personality (i guess)! You really are inspiring person, at least for me. My question is, do you mind to share your story about being a beginner workout back then ? and how do you keep yourself motivated on doing it? thanks in advance, i wish you a happiest life xx!

  15. Marisa on

    How often do you work out? And what kind of work outs do you do? Maybe you and Oscar can film your work out routine? Love your body, you are beautiful. Also, was it easy to leave your home and go and live in an other country? Lots of love from Corfu – Greece. xx

  16. Jolene on

    hello, Emitaz, first of all I just want you to know that you are a positive, you are not just physically beautiful, but so is your mind and personality (i guess). I love to read or watch your blogs/vlogs. You really are inspiring person at least for me. My question is, do you mind to share us your experience about being a beginner workout back then? and how do you keep yourself motivated on doing it? thanks in advance, i wish you the happiest life xx!

  17. Noe on

    Esto es una pregunta pero no para el vídeo! Contestame porfi jajajajja (in english if you want)
    Este fin de semana voy a Sitges, me aconsejas donde comer y donde tomar algo? Supongo que las calles bonitas (como las del anterior post) están por el centro del pueblo, no? O sabes más o menos dónde está?

    Gracias guapa!

  18. Sarah on

    Do you ever not feel pretty, and what do you do about it?
    Also how do you handle someone that is being rude to you?

    Love you!

  19. edith.nicole on

    Hi gorgeous!
    So I really loooooved your timemanagement tips 🙂
    Would love to hear how you manage to post constantly and would you do when you’re not motivated…
    Much love

  20. Nina on

    My first question is:
    What was your first job when you moved to Barca?
    Didi you start to search for it in Barcelona or already before?

    The second:
    Which is your favourite district (Gracia, Eixample, Mont Juic…) Barcelona?

    The third and last:
    Aren`t you sick of all the tourist in Barcelona in summer?

    I visited the city in the beginning of August and there were way to many people? 🙈 but i am in love with it anyway 😀

    I really like you and your work on the blog 🙂 so excited for the videos! I would also love a `What I eat in a day`


  21. Jess on

    Can you do more what you eat when you’re trying to be super healthy or lose some weight?
    I’d love to know what you eat in a day/ week 🙂 just for some inspiration xxxxx

  22. Gabriele on

    Hello, I got some questions about your lifestyle ☺
    How many times per week you go to the gym?
    Do you do a day of detox sometimes? I mean, when you want to clean your organism? Thanks, you are amazing person!

  23. Rosey on

    1. What are your favorite clothing stores/brands?

    2. What are your favorite foods?

    3. Out of all the countries & places you’ve traveled to, which was the most memorable?

  24. Leticia on

    Hi Natasha,

    I have a couple of questions which I have spread today through your blog and posts. In a nutshell, these are:

    1. How did you contact the driver you had in Bali (the one you shared his phone at the end of the vlog)?
    2. Could you please share your comments and opinion about the clip-extensions (price, how long did they last, what special cares did you have, etc)
    3. Would you please post a vlog with some daily workouts you do?

    And a very special request to you: my son, Lukas (6 years old). He is a very special fan of yours; I mean, it is turning into love now. He calls you Emitaz instead of Natasha, and he enjoys your vlogs very much. He is half Spanish and half Swedish, and if it is not much to ask you, it would be great if you could add a dedication to him (in Swedish please) when doing the Vlog for this Q&A. He speaks Swedish, Spanish, English and French (we live in Geneva) and whenever you say a few words in Spanish or in Swedish he gets super excited.

    Thank you soooo much!

  25. Amanda on

    Hi. I love your blog and youtube. Could you give us some more information on the foods you eat and exercise. I would love to see what you eat in a day when youre trying to eat healthy. Also to blog more about diet and exercise. I’ve followed your blog for a long time now and loved when you use to post more about eating healthy and when you did that eating healthy plan/challenge. It would be great to see someone like you, whos body I love and help get inspired and understand how to slim down. Lots of love xx

  26. Marta on

    What are your favourite districts/places in Barcelona (I don’t mean restaurants, but for example parks or squares)? Why?

  27. Sara on

    I was wondering what do you do when you are in a negative mood? Do you ever have a feeling of anxiety and stress? Second thing I was wondering about, what tea brand do you love/ prefer the most when it comes to green tea? 🙂 Xo

  28. Iina on

    Hello Natacha!I looooove your blog!Well here´s my questions:
    1.Is Oscar ordinary Spanish man and how he differ from Swedish man?:D
    2.I´m moving to Madrid in the next week to be aupair there,so what are the biggest differences between north countries(I´m from Finland)and Spain(of course the weather haha but others)?

  29. Marīa Jose on

    1.¿Tienes buena relacion con Laura Escanes? ¿como os conocisteis?
    2.¿A que edad te gustaria tener hijos y cuantos quieres?

    Por cierto,gracias por subtitular los videos!!

  30. Georgina on

    When did you first start blogging and do you make reasonable money from it?
    Also I know you explained the cameras you used in your last q&a but can you go into further detail into the two cameras you use, lens and benefits: negatives of each xxx

  31. Adriana on

    Hej ! det är så jag och min pojkvän ska resa till barcelona slutet av september. Vi har redan varit där en gång tidigare men vi vara mest på las ramblas. Vill upptäcka nya platser denna gång vad kan du rekommendera för restauranger , shopping ställen , aktviteter?
    vi ska vara där i 5 dagar,finns de några bra klubbar, typ latino vibe eller så som är bra ?
    Nån skön bar eller så .. aa du ser ganska mycket frågor haha hoppas du kan svara på dom , älskar din instagram verkligen goals , kram

  32. Anonym on

    Hur kan du vara så glad och positiv? Har du något du brukar tänka på eller liknande?
    Vilka är dina tips för att växa sin blogg stor?
    Allmänna blogg-tips typ?

  33. Risako on

    Hi I’m your huge fan! You’re so beautiful inside out 🙂 Your blog and IG make me so positive and happy. Since you inspire me a lot, I wanna know who inspires you. Who are your favorite bloggers/instagrammers? Love from Japan xx

  34. Ida on

    How is it living in Spain with a Spanish boyfriend? Have you met any problems with for example culture differences or something else?
    How is it going with the language?
    And the last question, what is the bigger difference between the Spanish and the Swedish cultures??

  35. Jessica on

    Hello Natasha! Hope you are fantastic 🙂 My question is: do you feel proud of everything you are and everything you have achieved so far? I mean, did you expected some years ago that you would be the person you are now? I think you have a lot of strength and self-confidence and that is what has led you to be such a beloved person.
    In short, I would like to know how has your life changed in regards to what you expected when you were younger.

    Lots of loooveeee!!!!

  36. Kaari on

    I read you have been in Estonia, what did you guys do here and where did you stay? DId you like it? 🙂

    Sending love from Estonia <3!

  37. Anna on

    Could you do your shoes haul?
    You’re an inspiration for all the young girls. I really enjoy to watch your videos.
    Kisses from Barcelona😘😘


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