19:36 | August 22, 2016



So it’s finally up! Our little apartment tour. As I told you in the video this apartment is so special to us since it’s the first apartment we live in together. If you only knew how this place looked like before we moved in, so ugly floors and like all different kind of colours in the walls. It made it much brighter by painting the walls and changing the floors. Now I can’t wait to move to the other apartment, in just 8 days the renovation starts, who wants a vlog when we start it? And by the way did you like the video? Lots of love, N


Videon är äntligen uppe! Som jag berättar i videon så är lägenheten väldigt speciell för oss då det är den första lägenheten vi bor i tillsammans. Om ni bara visste hur den här lägenheten såg ut innan vi flyttade in, golvet var i ljusgult marmor och det var olika färger på väggarna. Vi gjorde den ljusare genom att måla alla väggar och ändra golven. Men nu längtar jag tills vi flyttar in i vår nya lägenhet, renoveringen börjar om 8 dagar. Är det någon som vill se en vlogg? Förresten gillade ni videon? Love, N 

15 Responses to “MY APARTMENT TOUR”

  1. S ♥ on

    Hey Emily! Great video!! You are so beautiful but can you tell me where is your cardigan from? It looks amazing on you and I’m obsessed with your tan ♥♥ Kisses

  2. Frida on

    Loved the video, your walk in closet is amazing! And you have such a cute and light apartment!

    I would really love to see you vlogging about the renovation!

  3. Naiara on

    Me ha encantado el video!
    Si si y sí a todo el proceso del nuevo piso! Y lo de abrir otro canal… Yo creo que mejor en uno, sino es un lio (para mi en mi caso). Yo prefiero todo en uno (es mi opinión).

  4. Alexa on

    Thank u for let us see your apparement and the video was pretty cool. But you forgot your balcony:(. Thank you again for all your videos and your kindness and simplicity. You can continue to put your daily videos in the same channel for me. Lot of love

  5. J:) on

    Your appartment is very nice! I am looking forward to see the next one!!! And, in my opinion,it would be better to continuing uploading all your videos to the same channel. Nice week!!!

  6. Megan on

    I love your youtube channel and i can not wait to see next vlog. Also you should upload your videos on the same channel. LOve ya !!!!

  7. Juste on

    True, your apartment looks really bright and cozy! And sooo many clothes, Natasha!haha
    Why don’t you consider selling them online? I’m sure there will be people buying it!


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