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– We work togeheter everyday. Oscar takes all the photos and edits all the videos and deals with all the contracts I have and so on. It maybe sounds like a easy job but he spends around 9-11 hours some days just editing.

– Someone on the internet photoshopped away our faces in one picture and added Justin Biebers and Selena Gomez faces instead. People went crazy and thought they were back together. I had around 20-30 followers on Instagram sending me this picture, 2 girls even wrote mails to me telling me my picture was fake. I mean I’m like 15 cm taller than her or something, way to big body for that little head haha.

FullSizeRender 2

The original (I only found it in black and white on this computer):


– Oscar has a lawyer degree + a master and I studied economy 1 year (I stopped when I started with the blog because I didn’t have time) and before that I did some psychology and marketing courses.

– Our first big trip together was to Sri-Lanka and Maldives last year.

– We didn’t kiss until the 5:th day together and Oscar thought I had “friend zooned” him haha..

– We met when we were 19 and 20.

– In our home we speak English with a mix of Swedish and Spanish. I speak way more Swedish with Oscar though, but my Spanish is better hehe. I feel bad for our future children they will be so freaking confused. And my mom was like “I will speak singhalese with them”..

IMG_0789Here in Stockholm together

– The very first time we met (in Barcelona 2012) Oscar thought I was Spanish and started to speak Spanish with me. I was like “quuué?”

– We have been to 14 countries together. Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Sri-Lanka,Maldives, Zanzibar, Andorra, Mexico, Morocco, Indonesia, Dominican Republic and Italy.

– Oscars first sms me was “Hey I just met you and this is crazy but heres my number, so call me maybe” hahahaha..It was the hit of that summer I don’t know if you remember that song. Anyway so romantic right? ;P


  1. Lolominaj on

    haha this is cute!! My fiancé is spanish and I am American so yeah we speak mainly english but my spanish is getting better!! I have been practicing watching spanish speaking shows and movies! It’s nice working together since being together my fiancé has became my photographer haha and I his now that he has found a passion for photography too!! So far only 7 countries together and obviously never want to stop traveling haha but gotta work too!


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