17:35 | July 19, 2016


Barcelona Guide

OMP_9475-2Favourite restaurant – TenorioOMP_9490-2Everyday summer outfit haha. White t-shirt and blue jeans shorts.OMP_9498-2Favourite salad – goat cheese salad.OMP_9479-2& here is my little job partner, photographer & the love of my life.

Finally home – with a new phone. No I’m kidding but it feels like it haha since I’ve changed the screen. I’ve had such a bad headache for 3 days now, I don’t know why? I’m not sick or anything, I sleep good, drink water..Maybe it’s the strong sun? Going to rest a bit now and watch a movie. I need to start a good serie, do you have any tips? I’ve seen G.o.t, Suits, Breaking Bad, True detective. I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments, it makes me really happy <3 Anyway I’m so glad that some of you wanted a Barcelona/Vilanova vlog – because it’s coming up soon! 🙂 I feel a kind of pressure like it’s not as nice images as in Dominican Republic and so on..But I guess it’s me you want to see as well hehe. Going to schnuggle up in the sofa now. Love, N


Äntligen hemma – med en ny telefon. Nej skoja bara men det känns som att jag har en ny lur nu när skärmen är fixad. Jag har haft sååå hemsk huvudvärk i 3 dagar nu och jag vet inte vad det beror på? Har sovit bra, druckit vatten..det kanske har med den starka solen att göra? Hur som haver jag ska vila lite nu och kolla på en film,  förresten har ni några förslag på bra serier? Jag har sett G.o.t, Suits, Breaking bad, True detective men behöver något nytt att följa! Ville också säga tack så hemskt mycket för era kommentarer, blir så himla glad <3 Är också så glad över att några av er ville se en vlogg från Barcelona/Vilanova, för det kommer upp en ny vlogg i veckan! Känner dock lite press då jag inte har lika fina klipp som från Dominikanska Republiken men jag antar att det är mig ni vill se mig också så ska försöka att inte vara för hård mot mig själv. Nu ska jag gosa ner mig i soffan. Love, N 

8:01 | July 19, 2016



My little work space

As you might know I work in our living room. For me it’s so important that everything is clean when I sit and work, I can’t have a mess around me. I also need silence, which is very important since we live on one of the main streets in Cornellá. What I usually do when it’s very loud outside it to put on like nature sounds. It helps me to concentrate and focus on what I was doing which is probably mails, blog, editing. I clean this away when we have guests, I kind of like it but I can’t wait to have my own office in December. By the way the plant behind me is the only one that has survived in our home haha..I have spent so much money in plants and flowers, everyone has died except this one, even when we have travelled it has stayed strong haha. Anyway I have to do 1000 things today, mostly boring stuff such as pay taxes, fix a broken phone, bank, buy new contact lenses. I will try to do everything before 5 so that I can shoot some more photos for the blog. We took some really nice ones yesterday that will come up this week. Anyway first I’m going to the gym for a little run! I hope you’re having a nice day! Love, N


Som ni kanske redan vet så jobbar jag i vårt vardagsrum. Brukar dock städa undan allt när vi har gäster, jag gillar min lilla hörna men som jag längtar efter att ha ett eget litet kontor i December. Förresten växten bakom mig är den enda som har överlevt i vårt hem haha..Har lagt så mycket pengar på växter och blommor men alla har dött förutom den här, till och med när vi har rest har den överlevt! Hur som haver har jag 1000 tråkiga saker att göra idag – betala skatt, fixa en trasig iphone, gå till banken, köpa nya kontaktlinser. Ska försöka att göra allt innan 17.00 så att jag kan fota lite för bloggen också. Vi tog väldigt fina bilder igår så de kommer upp i veckan. Nu ska jag till gymmet för att göra av med lite energi, önskar er en fin dag! Love, N 

16:03 | July 18, 2016

– 10 days


We are going to Italy in 10 days! I’m so excited for it, as I’ve told you before we are going there with the yatch week. But me and Oscar booked our tickets before so we have 3 days in Italy before the yatch week starts to just stroll around and discover the place. Anyway now we are going to the beach to shoot some sunset photos and after that we are having dinner with Oscars parents. By the way 300 000 k on Instagram today, how insane?!! I still have to pinch myself sometimes, if someone told 14 year old Tasch that 300 000 people would follow her she would never believe it. I was so insecure back in the days (I’m still sometimes) and a person that has really helped me with my confidence is Oscar I mean he even says I have pretty toes haha..Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments you leave here everyday and all the love you give me!! You give me so much motivation to write here everyday. Lots of love, N  <3

11:16 | July 18, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ
OMP_6224OMP_6328Summer looks 20161 OMP_6183OMP_6272

Shorts: IMSCO.COM // Top: H&M // Shoes: Timberland // Sunglasses: Forever21

First of all: What a sweeeeeet freaking respons we got for the video we put up yesterday. I wish I could just meet you all and thank you in person haha because you’ve made me, US so happy. Yes Oscar is like “Yeaay they mentioned me as well in the comments” when someone has mentioned him hahaha <3 I think I’ve been smiling for hours reading all your comments. I want to make more vlogs, but also from Barcelona/Vilanova. They will not be as fun as the travel vlogs but maybe so you can see a bit what we do in the days? July is a very calm month but I could take you on photoshoots, different jobs? Maybe the beach and show you around in Barcelona? Would you like that? I’m really doubting it but tell me your thoughts. We have been in a meeting the whole morning going through what kind of kitchen we want. I’m sure I don’t want anything to modern I want it very “family” and cozy. No we are not planing to have a family now but I don’t know how to explain it hehe. Love, N

13:59 | July 17, 2016




So it’s finally up! Our little Dominican Republic vlog. I had so much fun on this trip and it’s my favourite country so far (ok after Sri-Lanka hehe)! I really want to go back there one day 🙂 And once again thank you Oscar for being the best travel partner a person could wish for <3 I hope you liked the video!! :))


Videon är äntligen färdig! Hade så otroligt kul och det är just nu mitt favoritland (ok efter Sri-Lanka). Vill verkligen tillbaka dit en vacker dag 🙂 Ännu en gång tack Oscar för att du är den absolut bästa resevännen man kan önska sig <3 Jag hoppa att ni gillade videon!! :))