7:26 | July 22, 2016



– Do you want to study in the future? 

Answer: I don’t know right now to be honest. I’ve always loved to study but right now I just feel like I want to focus on everything that is going on for the moment, but yes maybe in the future, you never know. All I know is that I’m a person that can’t sit still and I like to have things to do.

– Where do you want to live in the future?

Answer: I have so much love for Gothenburg, Sweden but I would say Spain. I feel really happy here and I’m very close with Oscars family as well so it feels natural for me now to say that my future will be here.


– Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Answer: I hope me and Oscar are living in a cozy house in the Mediterranean, I hope that we have 2 or 3 children and that we are doing things that we love no matter what it is.

– Do you want to get married?

Answer: Yes, yes and yes. After working in a wedding shop 4,5 year and seeing all the happiness around it I feel like I have to haha. No but I think it’s something beautiful, I mean how often do you gather everyone you love to celebrate love? I’m not super traditional with that it has to be before children but yes I would like it to happen before I’m 30 *Oscar read this haha*.

– Do you think you will have the same friends in the future?

Answer: I mean people comes and goes, but I think that some people you create such a strong bond with and they will always be with you even if it’s not in the same country (many of my close friends lives in Sweden). But my friend Amanda here in Barcelona is a person I have a feeling will always be with me. We have always been joking how we will be the Swedish immigrant moms when we pick up our future children from school haha. She is from Sweden and her boyfriend from Barcelona, same case as me hehe.


Me & My love Amanda<3

– A goal you have before 2026?

Answer: It makes me stressed just writing 2026 haha..No but I have many goals and a lot of plans for just next year, so you can imagine for 10 years hehe. I’m a person that writes down goals everyday, every week, month and year. I think it’s very important and it keeps you very motivated to go where you want to reach. My most important goal is to create a life that I’m happy with, so yes I would say that’s my goal.

– So far are you happy with your life?

Answer: I’m very happy, I had a pretty rough childhood so having the life I have now makes me feel really blessed. Never give up on your dreams!


I hope you liked this post. Love, N 


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