8:23 | June 2, 2016




//Inspo pictures for our home

It was a while ago since I posted any interior inspiration pictures here on the blog. After the summer we are moving to a bigger apartment in Sant Boi, close to Cornellá where we live now. I just want to moooove so bad. Start decorating, having another project to build on. I have a feeling that we will spend many years in that apartment. It’s seriously a dream. I’m still hooked up with the white Scandinavian style but with a touch of the tropics. I will spend a lot of money in plants, that I know for sure. I wish we could have plants in our home but they die so fast here since we barley have any sun coming in. Next week we are going to search for floors, kitchens and bathrooms since we are doing a big makeover in the apartment. Anyway today it’s time for Primavera Sound, is anyone going? Love, N

12:21 | June 1, 2016


Barcelona Guide


So I thought I should be better shooting daily photos so here we go, yesterday in La Tramoia which is one of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona. We had lunch there before our meeting with H&M. Freaking love the team I’m working with in there, so nice people. As you might know I’m shooting a video with them on Friday for Primavera Sound, so so fun!! 🙂 You will be able to see it later here on the blog I think or on their webpage I’m not sure. Anyway I have been sitting with mails for around 5 hours and now I’m going to get dresses. One meeting and after that I will shoot some stuff with my määän. Love, N