9:40 | June 7, 2016

15/16 MIX

Inspiration,Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_95271One of my favourite combos last summer (and this summer), stripes, white, red lipstick and a big watch. The watch is from Michael Kors 2012. I remember that I was so happy when I bought it haha, and I still love it. I prefer big watches over small since I don’t wear so much accessories. OMP_0112One of my most common looks on a summer night or on a colder summer day. Jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt – always works.OMP_0369Love this dress! Perfect on a date or on a nicer party. I wore  this when we were on a date in Mexico last January. These high heels were not that comfy tho haha.OMP_3158Typical-me look. Levi’s shorts & a t-shirt. I have 3 pair of shorts in the same colour haha…I will never get tired of them! Fits perfect on the waist and butt.
OMP_7886Once again stripes! But this time matching with a oversized jeans jacket and nude coloured lips.
OMP_0523Basic and comfortable look and once again stripes. Big fan of backpacks, this one is a favourite of mine, from Primark 10€.

One of my “nicer” favourite daily looks (I wore this look with sneakers) but works perfect with high heels as well if you are going to a party.OMP_8191The tom-boy look. I need to find this cap again!! Find the misstake in this photo hehe…OMP_9809

Classic look, also from last year. But i would wear this again, but with a pair of white sneakers.

I’ve started to like more two set clothes. This one filled with flowers from Urban Outfitters is a summer favourite in my closet. It’s a pair of shorts but it looks like a skirt. I was wearing a skin jacket over this and black sandals.

Some looks from 2015/2016 with a little explanation. Different kind of post but I liked writing a bit about every outfit. What are you up to today? I’m going to clean then I’m off to a showroom. By the way THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all the birthday wishes on the blog, Insatgram and mail. So freaking sweet of you. I’ve read every single comment. You guys are the best <3 Lots of love, N

10:38 | June 6, 2016


Pictures for Castings

So it’s my 25:th birthday today!! 24 was my best year so far, so I will make 25 even better. 25 sounds old, but I feel young hehe ;P I’m born on the Swedish national day so when I was younger someone fooled me and told me that the flag was rising everywhere because I was born hahaha..Like I was a king or something. I believed it until I was 19, no I’m kidding. Anyway I will not post anything more today since I’m going to spend some time with Oscar and his parents. This weekend I’m partying but today I just want to spend time on the beach and relax. Love, N <3

12:04 | June 5, 2016


Barcelona Guide,Inspiration,Outfits By: EMITAZ

IMG_0039-2MY OUTFITS-005IMG_0028-2IMG_1237OMP_1422IMG_0036-2OMP_1534OMP_1501OMP_1360IMG_0048-2OMP_1196IMG_0038-2OMP_1482-2OMP_1542

PRIMAVERA SOUND X H&M 2016 / Streetstyle

Aaaah! I have no words for how much fun we’ve had those days with these amazing people. Yesterday we met up in Primavera Sound at 19.00, enjoyed the music, ate a lot of junk food and chilled. Later we went to Marcs and Biels hotel to take it easy a bit before going to the party in San Cugat. We had so much fun there until 7 this morning..Oscar is still sleeping and he is going to have such a bad hangover today that I can tell haha..I didn’t drink yesterday since we took the car so I’m fit for fight for tonight as well. Going to celebrate my birthday a liiittle bit tonight with two friends of mine. My birthday is tomorrow wiho! Anyway I hope you’re not tired of my festival pictures because I have some more to show you. By the way I saw that some of you have asked about the clothes! Me and all my friends in these pictures are working with H&M so everything is from H&M’s festival collection in these pictures. By the way meet some of you at the club yesterday, nothing but love!! You are always so nice and I get so happy when you come and say hello <3 And a big thanks to Sole and the rest of the H&M crew for these amazing days! Love, N

10:22 | June 4, 2016


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OMP_0958MY OUTFITS-004OMP_0978OMP_0917OMP_0976OMP_0968MY OUTFITS-003OMP_0966Shorts (it’s a pair of shorts): H&M // Top: Bershka // Shoes: Quanticlo // Bag: StradivariusOMP_0971

Good morning babes. Today I slept until 12, yes! The energy was not on top yesterday but we filmed a thing with H&M and after that we had pizza and meet up with the other influencers. By the way I freaking love the food in Primavera Sound (there is nothing healthy?) and a womans gotta eat. So I have a reason to eat junk food haha. Yesterday Churros, pizza, falafel roll. So today I’m going on a long power walk before the festival. I’m going out after writing this. Today I will take more photos since I didn’t have much time yesteday since we were filming for 4,5 hour. Anyway did you like the outfit? I love the combinaition with a cute laced top and a pair of shorts/skirt. The skirt was only 9€! Love, N

8:59 | June 3, 2016





Good morning from a dead Natascha. I don’t understand why I always wake up before 9 even though I went to sleep 4..I need to sleep!! Oscar is sleeping like a baby like always haha. Anyway we had so much fun yesterday with amazing people. I was with Sara in Dubai and we reunited again yesterday, such a sweet girl. Today I’m going to Salon Toro to get my hair and makeup fixed since I’m filming with H&M today. I’m really excited for it (let’s just hope I don’t fall asleep). Going to go through your comments, take a shower and make some porridge. Love, N