9:58 | June 13, 2016

IMG_0198MY OUTFITS-008IMG_0206

Me & my love on the wedding the other day // Dress: Zegarcia

I have no words for Laias & Marios wedding. I will post more pictures on the blog of the wedding when I have asked her if it’s ok. I have so many pictures I want to show you! Everything with the wedding was just perfect, the church, her dress, the people, the music, the food and the party! Spanish people knows how to party that’s for sure, both old and young! If you follow me on Snapchat you know what I’m talking about hehe. And seeing the couple and their families celebrating their love was just so amazing. I know for sure that one day I want to marry, with Oscar. Anyway my friends from Sweden are here so I’m going to spend some time with them. They are not staying so long so I really want to be with them. Love, N

9:24 | June 11, 2016




Normally I’m good when it comes to handel stress and breath slow when I need it, but lately it’s been hard for me. I’m so angry with myself for not doing more meditation/yoga in the morning since we came home from Bali (3 weeks ago). I realise how much I need it in my life. I’m just like a angry bird walking around with to many things to do all the time and not sitting down focusing on myself for 1 minute. The only thing I wished for my birthday was a day on the beach. Just me and Oscar. I don’t wish for expensive gifts, it doesn’t really make me happy. I wanted to be on a place that I love, the beach. But not even on my birthday I could relax 100% and that made me really sad, laying on the beach made me stressed of everything I had to do and I couldn’t help but answering phone calls and sms from the jobs I’m doing now. Even Oscar was answering mails. But I’m going to focus so much more on my health (both physical and mental)  in the end of this week and in Punta Cana next week. It’s a lot of work in Punta Cana but I’m going to make sure to do some yoga/meditation at least every second day. Remember to not stress, sit down at least for 5 minutes everyday and focus on yourself. Listen to a calm song, do some meditation, spread out your legs on the sofa and read. It’s more important than what you think. Sorry for being so boring on the blog these days but I don’t like to fake it like everything is good because it’s not. But happy Tasch will soon be back I promise haha. Today it’s time for wedding and tomorrow I’m celebrating my b-day a bit late with my best friends from Sweden that are visiting me. I’m sure this will make me in a better mood haha. Love, N

8:32 | June 10, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_9838OMP_9747OMP_9867MY OUTFITS-007OMP_9864Jacket: Zara // Shorts: H&M // Sunglasses: Mr Boho // Bag: Old // Top: Zara // Shoes: Jeffrey CampbellOMP_9908

4 of my Swedish friends are coming tomorrow! I’m celebrating my birthday on Sunday, 25 needs a good celebration hehe. For me birthdays are important and I really like to spoil my family and friends when it’s their birthdays. By the way so many of you asked for the link of the shorts in the last outfit post, I have linked them! We have way to many things to do today since we are going to a wedding tomorrow..We have to buy food, I have to find something to wear on Sunday and we have to record a small thing. I’m thankful that we put alarm 08.00 this morning to start our day. Love, N

19:01 | June 9, 2016


Barcelona Guide

Yesterday in one of my favourite shopping centers, La Maquinista. I guess the only reason this is my favourite is because they have Forever21 and a huuuge Bershka haha. We met up with Marc and Marta for dinner and to plan some trips together. Looks like we are doing a big trip in September/October. Anyway today has not been my day at all. I’ve been crying the whole morning because of cramps and then I was sitting with a big project for hours and everything got deleted. I have such a PMS when I’m in that time of the month, drama queen for everything haha. I hate it. Just want this day to end, I’m so frustrated. Going to clean a bit and prepare some work for tomorrow. I hope you’ve had a better day. Lots of love, N <3

8:08 | June 8, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_1067MY OUTFITS-006OMP_1051OMP_1111OMP_1108OMP_1055

Shorts: H&M (link) // Top: Bershka // Necklace: Zara // Shoes: Pull&bear // Bag: H&M

Got so many questions about this look on Instagram so I decided to do a outfit post, changed the bag though. Anyway I’m sitting and working, a bit moody since I slept really bad this night. Anyway I have a lot of work to do these three days before my friends from Sweden are coming here! On Sunday we are celebrating my birthday and on Saturday me and Oscar are going to a wedding. I remember when I posted the invitation on Snapchat and some people went crazy thinking that that me and Oscar was getting married haha..So I deleted it. Not yet folks ;P I have so many things and plans I want to do in life before getting married, kids and all that. Now: work mood & coffee. By the way do you like this look? Love, N