13:45 | June 19, 2016



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Dominican Republic – Barceló, Bavaro beach

Gaaaaah!! No words for this place. We are staying at the Barceló hotel here in Dominican Republic and it’s really amazing. I woke up 4 this morning because of the jet lag hehe. We went out 6 this morning to take some pictures and have a swim, the water is so warm! I think it’s around 28 degrees in the water, Oscar doesn’t like when it’s so warm haha but I love it. Anyway we will go and explore the area now, follow me around on Snapchat if you want to see more, Emitaz6 and Oscars name is Oscarminyo. Love, N

11:32 | June 18, 2016





Hello babes! Seriously logging in here and seeing all this respons and love from you guys makes me so freaking happy I can’t stop smiling!! Both me and Oscar are so motivated to do more vlog videos for you guys now! We will do one in Punta Cana as well, someone wanted like a small room tour in the hotel we are staying in so I will try to fit a small tour in our video so that you can see how we live. I thought it was really fun to make a vlog even though it was a lot of work behind it, I prefer talking a bit hehe. We are in Madrid now, 6 hours in Madrid and then Punta Cana. We are having a coffee now and I’m going to buy some magazines and something sweet to eat. Some weeks ago I did a photoshoot for Womens Secret but I have forgot to show you guys some behind the scenes, but this is more or less what it looked like. Here are some photos on their Instagram. And once again thank you for all the comments you gave no idea how much it means to me, to us. Lots loots loooots LOOOTS of love, N

18:25 | June 17, 2016



Video from our trip in Bali! I hope you like it <3 Any questions about Bali? Feel free to ask 🙂 Both me and Oscar will answer! And tell me if you liked this kind of video? Shall we do a similar one in Dominican Republic? Tell moooi! Love, N

19:01 | June 16, 2016


By Oscar Minyo
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We are home from Vilanova now. Tomorrow it’s time for Sonar Festival here in Barcelona and I’m going there with Oscar and Javi. Not so very excited to be honest, feeling stressed about Punta Cana (the morning after) and I just want to be home and pack, clean and so on. Quite a mess in our apartment right now and I can’t stand that hehe. Anyway I love these pictures Oscar took of me today! So many beautiful flowers in the backyard of Oscars parents summer house and a big plus that it’s kind of matching with my bikini haha. Today I took out my extensions and I feel kind of naked? No but I wanted to take them out before Punta Cana since I wanted to snorkel and enjoy the beach without feeling stressed that I will end up with a dread lock if I forget to brush my hair right after the beach. Bye bye long hair and hello snorkeeeel!! I will let my hair rest at least 2 weeks! Love, N


17:22 | June 15, 2016


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Hello from Vilanova! How are you guys? I’m so so good, in Vilanova with Oscar,Filippa & Linus, two friends from Sweden. We are just relaxing and taking it easy by the pool. I really needed a day like this, I love being here, it’s like a rehab from busy Barcelona haha. On Friday I’m going to Sonar festival and on Saturday I’m off to Dominican Republic! Has anyone been there? Do you have any great tips what to do? By the way I have a little thing I think you might like coming up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow here on the blog! Going out on a power walk with Filippa now. Love, N