9:18 | June 30, 2016



Documents181. What’s your next trip? 
Answer: We are going to Italy in 3,5 week with the yatch week, I’m so excited for it. Only thing that sucks is that I get sea sick very easy. After that it looks like I’m going back to Asia for some weeks!

2. If you could only chose one shop to buy clothes in at the rest of your life, which one?

Answer: Zara, just because they have different categories. Like a little bit of teenager, classy, everyday, basics etc.

3. What do you get panic of? 
When it’s dirty or a mess in our home, I can’t work good if it’s things everywhere.

4. Your favourite song for the moment?
Answer: The Ocean – Mike Perry & Shy Martin..This song will remind me of summer 2016! Listening to it a lot.

5. When are you moving to your other apartment?
Answer: In the beginning of December. We had some complications with deciding things so the project will start in August and it will be ready in December. So in 5 months!

I’m thinking about making another Q&A video in July since the last time I did it was in March..It feels like I did that video yesterday haha! I remember how shy I was posting it and how nervous I was in the video. Now I’m getting more used to vlogging and make videos and I’m loving it! Love, N

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  1. Annastiina on

    Tell us your favourite spots in Barcelona. Where to eat,shop etc… I would really appreciate those kind of tips because I’m coming to Barcelona this sunday, so if you or anyone else has any good tips(I’ve been there several times so the city is quite familiar) BUT REALLY WOULD APPRICIATE ANY KINDS OF TIPS! Love your blog and yes it would be nice to watch these kind of q&a’s on your vlog! Greetings from Finland


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