10:27 | May 2, 2016


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Yesterday we had to go to Barcelona to pick up some stuff from a friend so we also took the opportunity to watch the sunset by the beach and after that go to the cinema. We saw the movie Trumbo, I thought it was good but i fell asleep on Oscars shoulder in the end so I didn’t see the 30 last minutes hehe. We also ate in a Syrian restaurant close to the cinema, I love their falafel! I was feeling so much for a falafel roll so that’s what I had hehe. Anyway I have 2 meetings today before we are going to Bali and then I also have to buy a new travel bag since mine broke, I can’t really remember in what trip buuut I have to buy a new. Oscar just made me a smoothie with the help of my directions (he was in the kitchen and I’ve been screaming out all the ingredients). So I’m drinking it now and after that I’m off to the city. Love, N

7:35 | May 1, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

Jacket: Double Agent // Jeans: Berhska // Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Adidas superstar) // Bag: Touse // Top: Zara

A spring look from yesterday. Ah I love that it’s actually spring here in Barcelona! When I used lived in Sweden it could be snow one day and the other day almost summer haha. Anyway I’m big cleaning our apartment since it’s a mess right now and I’m getting panic haha. Oscar was partying yesterday so I’m trying to not make to much sound so that he can sleep hehe. Today we are going to eat lunch in a restaurant nearby and later tonight we are meeting up with Jessica around 8. I want to go to the cinema tonight so I will ask Oscar when he wakes up. Time to continue this mission. Love, N