12:55 | May 8, 2016




Two happy souls in Gitgit Twin Waterfalls.

So I couldn’t really wait to post these pictures. Oscar is also taking a lot of time with his stuff (we have still not gone to the dinner haha). Anyway as I told you we stopped here and there on our way to the Manjangan and one of the places was the Gitgit twin waterfalls. So so beautiful! A little bit to cold for me but Oscar enjoyed the water at least haha. It was a really beautiful walk between the waterfalls as well. Ok he is calling now. Talk to you soon! Love, N <3

12:23 | May 8, 2016


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B A L I – Down to earth

As you know I’m a big fan of organic/vegetarian food so I was really happy when I found this small spot in Seminiyak, it’s on the main road (if you ever visit Seminiyak) and want to try it. We skipped the breakfast in the hotel today and had breakfast there instead. I ate a crepe with coconut yoghurt and had a green detox drink and Oscar had some sort of smoothie bowl with berries and granola. So today we went from Seminiyak to The Menjangan, it took us around 4 hours but we also stopped for some adventure in the waterfalls during the road trip. I will show you some pictures tomorrow, it was magic! The hotel we are living in right now is in the middle of the djungle, but still close to the beach, so cool! We are actually going to the beach now to eat dinner, it’s 20.15 here in Bali. Love, N

15:44 | May 7, 2016



Pandawa Beach – BALI 

Hello babes! Sorry for the bad update, I’ve told you internet here sucks and I have to wait around 100 years for a picture to upload :/ I’m sitting in the hotels restaurant now and blogging hehe, it looks like they are closing now so I will write really fast. Really doing my best! I’m also updating on Instagram and Snapchat so make sure to follow me there. We are in Seminiyak for the moment but tomorrow we are going to Manjangan for three days.I wish that we would have stayed here a bit more, 2 days was not enough!! There are so many things to do here I really don’t want to leave. Today we visited 3 different beaches, Pandawa, Uluwatu and Padang Padang. I don’t know if I’m spelling it right though. My favourite was the first beach we visited, Pandawa! I mean look at the water, it was really amazing. Going to sleep now since we are waking up really early tomorrow morning. Love, N

13:21 | May 6, 2016


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So this morning we had a guide tour around our villa, it started at 06.00 in the morning so we had to wake up pretty early. And our jet lag in the middle of the night didn’t make it easier haha. Anyway we went and watched the sunrise on the beach and and after that we went to the rise fields. We have the rise fields as our view from the villa so it was really nice to go down there. I’ve been to rise fields in Sri-Lanka before but this was the first time for Oscar. Our guide was really amazing and explained a lot of interesting stuff. It looked so beautiful in the sunrise. After that we changed from our villa Samata to the Seminiyak hotel. We arrived around 1 and went straight to the beach. Now I’m sitting here with headache, I guess from the strong sun. I wish you a great weekend. Love, N

0:28 | May 5, 2016





The Samata Villas

Hello from Bali!! We are staying at the Samata Villas here in Bali. I will show you around on both Snapchat and ofcorse here on the blog. The internet is not the best but I will really try to upload as much as I can. We arrived late last night here and then we just  had dinner with sweet Jessica and went to bed. I slept the whole way from Barcelona to Doha, Doha to Bali, it’s amazing how much I can sleep haha. And I slept the whole night without waking up a single time. Anyway today I’m shooting for a brand here in Bali so we will be busy the whole day. But tomorrow we are going to the beach! We are also going to to a morning walk with a group of other people. Love, N


Hej från Bali!! Vi bor på Samata Villas här i Bali, det är så otroligt vackert. Vi har utsikt över ett stort risfält och det var helt magiskt i morse. Jag lovar att visa er runt på både Snapchat (emitaz6) och här på bloggen. Internet är liiite segt men jag ska verkligen försöka att uppdatera så mycket jag kan. Vi kom hit igår kväll och då åt vi middag med Jessica och efter det gick vi till gymmet för att göra oss trötta inför natten haha. Jag sov hela vägen från Barcelona till Doha, Doha till Bali och hela natten idag. Helt sjukt hur mycket jag kan sova haha. Idag ska jag fotas för ett märke här i Bali så vi kommer att vara upptagna hela dagen, men lovar er ett par backstage bilder. Imorgon ska vi till stranden samt på en morgon vandring med en annan grupp. Love, N