17:40 | May 15, 2016


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Magic moments from Bali. We’ve had such and amazing trip in Bali, I’m already missing the beautiful green island. Met so many amazing people during this trip as well, old and new friends. We arrived to Barcelona around 2 o’clock and we have just been cleaning and packing up our stuff. Oscar is washing clothes, it feels good to have done the boring stuff today since we don’t have any plans anyway. I’m so jet lagged, I just want to go to sleep but I will try to stay awake until 10 at least (that would be 04.00 in Bali) so let’s see if I can keep up the fight hehe. Tomorrow we are having lunch with Oscars parents and I have to fix my camera, it broke during the trip which sucks. I need to fix it asap since I’m going to Dubai for a job in 1 week. I have some more Bali pictures to show you, I hope that it’s ok! Finally I can upload pictures without getting frustrated hehe. I will go through your comments as well tomorrow. Lots of love, N <3

14:14 | May 13, 2016


Version 2


We went from Ubud to Seminyak this morning, we decided to spend our 2 last days here in Seminyak since we really liked it. Today we met Pol, a good friend of Oscar that lives in Bali with his dog Mannis. We went to Canggu which is a very nice spot close to Seminiyak. A lot of surfers goes there so I can recommend it to you if you like to surf. Both Oscar and Pol did some surfing while I chilled with Mannis. We are leaving Bali tomorrow night which sucks! I have so many pictures to show you and I can’t wait until I get a good wifi so that I can upload the pictures without almost smashing the computer of frustration hehe. Tomorrow we are going to Canggu again, I really recommend the Old Man Bar if you are in Canggu. To rent a surf board there is around 3€ and for a class around 8€. Sorry for just posting 1 pictures, I promise to show you more when I come home. Love, N

11:08 | May 12, 2016


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Some pictures from the last 2 days here in Ubud. We are going home in just 2 days which sucks, I would have loved to stay at least 5 more days hehe. Anyway we will be back Bali! During our stay here in Ubud we have been living at Wapa Di Ume, such a beautiful resort with an amazing infinity pool! Today we booked a guide here in the resort that took us to a beautiful rice field earlier this morning and after that we headed to another waterfall close to the resort. We also went to some caves, Oscar almost fell down and that was really scary. I was shaking 5 minutes after his little slip haha, my scream was probably heard in whole Bali haha. Now we are going to the gym and after that some yoga. Love, N

12:20 | May 11, 2016


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Hello babes! Sorry for not updating yesterday! We went from the Menjangan to Ubud. We are staying at the Wapa di Ume resort here in Ubud and it’s so so beautiful! We have just been strolling around in the city today. I did some interior shopping for our future apartment (we are moving in September). So much more fun to buy interior stuff in other countries! I bought a lot when I was in Morocco as well hehe. Looks like our home will be quite colourful after all since I’m buying a lot colourful things. I also bought such a sweet thing for Oscar’s brother’s future kid! I just couldn’t resist to buy it hehe… Anyway today we went and had Nalu bowls in the centrum of the city, so freaking yummy! Probably going back there tomorrow hehe. Love, N

14:13 | May 9, 2016




The two of us & our giant coconut haha <3

Hello babes! We have just eaten dinner here in the Manjangan and we are soon going to bed. We went snorkeling today (one of my favourite things to do), so I was really happy! We went to two different places around the Manjangan. The first time was amazing but the second time we ended up in a place filled with jelly fishes. First I thought it was the small fishes that was biting me but then I realised it was jelly fishes everywhere, I got panic and the boat was far away haha. They were very small but oh my it hurted!! I have some red spots here and there now, Oscar got away pretty good. That made me think of when I had to do a jelly fish presentation in high school for the biologi class. We had to do a guide tour in a nature museum for one animal and I got the jelly fish. I just wanted to teach you that they poop and eat from the same hole. I remember that I didn’t say it “pretty” enough and the teacher gave me a pretty low grade haha. Love, N