19:37 | May 26, 2016


IMG_0753BCN NEW-003IMG_0717IMG_0767IMG_0762IMG_0795

Hello from Dubai babes! I’m barley seeing what I’m writing right now because I’m so tired and my lenses are so dry (unnecessary information hehe). Anyway I really want to update at least one time everyday from this trip since we are doing so many things here. We are having so much fun and I’m in love with the girls we are with. As you know I was in the comercial for Vogue eyewear this spring/summer with two other bloggers from Spain, Collage Vintage and Lady Addict and now we are in Dubai with 4 of our followers to explore Dubai. So these three days we have a schedule filled with different activities. Today we went to the spice market, Nikki beach for lunch and then we went to the dessert to chill with some camels and watch a dance show. I have no energy in my body now and I’ve become a bit sick because of the air conditioner in the plane so I will really try to rest this night and maybe even skip the breakfast tomorrow morning. Lots of love, N

8:22 | May 25, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ,Wanderlust

OMP_9051OMP_9085OMP_9041OMP_9092Jumpsuit: Volcom // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bag: Tous // Jacket: ShowpoOMP_9090

Love to dress all black and then have a click of colour, this is my favourite bag for the moment. I think it makes the whole outfit. Today I’m going to Dubai and I’m so excited for it!! I hope that one of you guys won the competition. I’m going with some other influencers/bloggers from Spain + the winners of the competition for a job with Vogue Eyewear. I have not even started to pack and I’m going in some hours, I’m thankful it’s just 3 days so that I don’t have to plan so many looks. Here are some parts of our schedule in Dubai:

[26 May] 12.30-14.00 Nikki Beach and after that safari.

[27 May] 10.00 – Dubai Mall , 12.30 Pierchic for brunch. 21.00 Dinner at Atelier

How fuuuun? Can’t wait! Looks like we will be going to Cavalli club on Friday night as well since one of my friends from Barcelona is holding the event. I’ve not travelled without Oscar for a while now and to be honest I hate flying and he is the only person that can calm me down. I will probably cry on a strangers shoulder when it’s turbulence hehe. Love, N

12:25 | May 23, 2016



Today I feel like I deserve haha. Laughing so much at the videos we made yesterday. We went out again yesterday.. Even if I’m not on top now I don’t regret anything hehe. Started at Gallito like always and then we went to Nuba. I really recommend these two parties if you ever visit Barcelona: great music and it’s always good vibes there. I think it’s so so funny when you come and say hola/hello to me, I mean it’s always fun to see who you guys are as well. Today I’m shooting with a photographer at 16.00 for Womans Secret. I will try to sleep a bit more after this post. So typical of me to go to bed at 04.00 and wake up at 08.00…Besides that we are having dinner with some friends tonight at El Gran Cafe. I was with them yesterday so I guess the only one without a hangover tonight will be Oscar haha. Love, N

10:17 | May 22, 2016



// Pictures from yesterday

Can’t believe that I managed to take 6  pictures yesterday (two of them are to horrible for the blog haha). Normally I always forget to take pictures during parties. Anyway we had so much fun at the Hilton yesterday. It’s a day party that starts at 12.00 but we came there 17.00 (way to late) because it was so much people already. Another great day party has started in Barcelona! These kind of parties are my favourites since you start so early and come home early. Today we are going to another one called Gallito, Bestial with one of my good friends Amanda. We had so much fun there last summer so we will go there again this year! Love, N  

11:32 | May 20, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_5453BCN NEW-002OMP_5513OMP_5431OMP_5456Long vest: H&M // Pants: Pull&Bear // Shoes: H&M // Bag: Stradivarius // Sunglasses: Subdued // Top: ZaraOMP_5445

Friday, yay! Oscar is making potatoes and fish and it smells really good. I’m soon going to H&M’s office here in Barcelona for some fun stuff that is coming in June. We tried to take some outfit pictures before but we gave up since the sun was way to high up and we couldn’t find a shadow. Anyway when we where in Bali me and Oscar did a lot of yoga together and today we talked about continuing with that here in Barcelona. So tomorrow morning we are doing some yoga and I’m so happy for this. Love, N