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So I thought I should post my best skin tips here on the blog! It’s not been requested but I think you will like it anyway hehe. I’ve written about this before but it was a while ago.I used to have pretty bad acne when I was younger. The acne stopped but I got a lot of breakouts on my face even though I was eating healthy. I did some research on the internet and here is what I did to prevent the breakouts:

– Stopped with dairy products and replaced with coconut milk and almond milk.

IMG_0422(I always start my day with vitamins and green tea. Here is one of my favourites home made coconut/peanut cream with seeds and berries.)

– Cut down the sugar and junk food. 

-Stopped with bread and pasta. Bye bye gluten! (read about it here)


– I’ve always been a tea freak, then I read that green tea contains a lot of antioxidants so I started to drink that everyday. 

-I threw all my expensive acne creams and bought coconut oil, argon, risin oil and made home made face masks. Such as applying avocado, olive oil, lemon juice (on my scars from the pimples). I only use natural products for my skin. 

IMG_0961(Argan & coconut oil, my two favourites for the moment)

– Exercise and drink water. 

I still get some pimples once in a while but nothing like before. I try to drink a lot of water, not wear make up so often, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. And yes ofcorse once in a while I eat some pasta, ice-cream, drink alcohol or whatever I feel like. But it’s not in my “daily” diet when I cook at home. My body has also changed since I changed lifestyle, in a positive way. Ask me if you have more questions, I hope you liked this post. Love, N

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  1. VikaDrita on

    I always press “heart” before reading a post, cause I already know it will be good!
    Thank you for your tips! I also try to use natural products for my face and body. My favourites for scrubbing are coconut peelings for face and coffee & olive oil for body. Both of them do cleaning & moistening at the same time!
    Love you, Natasha! 🙂

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Love love love <3
      Thank you so much! And thank you for the great tips I need to try coffee scrub<3
      Love, N

  2. Sasha on

    How often do you allow yourself to eat pasta/junk food/alcohol ?

    I also live in Barcelona, could you please tell em where did you buy Argan oil and do you apply it directly to the face or you mix and do some mask with other ingredients ?

    • EmitazAdmin on

      I actually bought these in Morocco, but I think you can order it online which I think it’s cheaper. No I just massage it on my face 🙂
      1-2 every week, but never two days in a row. Maybe on a Monday then on the Friday again.
      Love, N <3

  3. Mel on

    You should try “Frank body scrub”. It’s completely natural and not that expensive and it’s a coffee scrub with other ingredients. You can visit their Instagram page “frankbod” to see some of the results from their followers. On their website they also explain what it is good for, also for stretch marks and pimples etc.. I’m gonna order mine this week.
    Much love!! ❤️

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Hello dear!
      Yes they have wanted to sponsor me but one of my friends told me it was bad =/ So I didn’t start the collaboration with them. But I will check it out again <3
      Thank you!
      Looots of love <3

  4. Nena Correa on

    Me encanta el blog y toda tú, gracias por tus consejos y por compartir tus fotos eres realmente inspiradora!!
    Me encantaría saber que es lo que traes en el cabello (me refiero al color) gracias!!
    Saludos, besos y mucho amor desde Morelia Michoacán México💜

  5. Syl on

    Thanks for the tips! I use “evoil” for the face (its actually vit E capsules but i put it on my face 😝brightning it up,moisturizing etc).
    I would like to know what tanning oil do you use (if you use)
    Thank you
    Love from Greece 💙

  6. Ludreamcatcher on

    Nice post! It’s very hard to change our lifestyle.. But you’re totally right!! I’m trying to change my bad habit & it works!!

    You’re such an inspiration, so thank you sweety

  7. Louane on

    Hello, I love your blog and your style. Could I know your height and weight without being indiscreet you’re beautiful

  8. nima on

    i have oily skin and rarely moisturise my skin because i am afraid that i will breakout, so what should i do? Do recommend i use natural oils?

  9. Brizet rubio on

    Hola! Tuve que traducir la página a español; ya que yo no hablo inglés ni otro idioma, y sabesssss me haz ayudado mucho yo también sufro de acné y ya no se que hacer… porfavor quisiera que nos cuentes que productos utilizas para el acné tu rutina diaria y como ha ido mejorando tu acné porfavor SALUDOS DESDE PERÚ

  10. Anna on

    Hi! These tips were so helpful, thank you!<3
    I`m 16 now and I have Acne since I´m 12 or something arond that… nothing has helped me so far but now I will try out your tips! 🙂
    Lots of Love:*


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