18:39 | May 31, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ

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WWW.OLYMPUS.SE  (NetonNet has a offer right now)

Bag: Olympus Pen // Jeans: Levi’s // Jacket: Zara // T-shirt: H&M // Shoes: Adidas

When I was in Finland last month I did a photoshoot with Olympus, maybe you saw it on my Snapchat. I got to try the new Pen lite E-PL7 and I like it because it takes sharp pictures, easy to carry around and not heavy. Perfect “everyday camera” I would say. Plus you get this nice bag (here are some offers) to put the camera in, it has to look good babyyy..no I’m kidding. You can read about it here. Of all the cameras me and Oscar owns I have to say that this one has the best design, freaking love the vintage feeling!! Need to buy another band to match it better though. Anyway today me and Oscar are going to the H&M office and after that to Salon Torro to cut and style our hair. I have no idea how I want my hair for the festival, any ideas? Shall I go all pink haha? The camera is coming with me so you will see some photos in the end of this week! Love, N

– In collaboration with Olympus.

7:50 | May 31, 2016


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So I thought I should post my best skin tips here on the blog! It’s not been requested but I think you will like it anyway hehe. I’ve written about this before but it was a while ago.I used to have pretty bad acne when I was younger. The acne stopped but I got a lot of breakouts on my face even though I was eating healthy. I did some research on the internet and here is what I did to prevent the breakouts:

– Stopped with dairy products and replaced with coconut milk and almond milk.

IMG_0422(I always start my day with vitamins and green tea. Here is one of my favourites home made coconut/peanut cream with seeds and berries.)

– Cut down the sugar and junk food. 

-Stopped with bread and pasta. Bye bye gluten! (read about it here)


– I’ve always been a tea freak, then I read that green tea contains a lot of antioxidants so I started to drink that everyday. 

-I threw all my expensive acne creams and bought coconut oil, argon, risin oil and made home made face masks. Such as applying avocado, olive oil, lemon juice (on my scars from the pimples). I only use natural products for my skin. 

IMG_0961(Argan & coconut oil, my two favourites for the moment)

– Exercise and drink water. 

I still get some pimples once in a while but nothing like before. I try to drink a lot of water, not wear make up so often, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. And yes ofcorse once in a while I eat some pasta, ice-cream, drink alcohol or whatever I feel like. But it’s not in my “daily” diet when I cook at home. My body has also changed since I changed lifestyle, in a positive way. Ask me if you have more questions, I hope you liked this post. Love, N

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By Oscar Minyo,Inspiration,Outfits By: EMITAZ

OMP_9698OMP_9671MY OUTFITSOMP_9664OMP_9658OMP_9609OMP_9629

T-shirt: Guess // Jeans: Subdued // Shoes: Primark // Bag: Åhléns // Sunglasses: Mr BohoOMP_9653


Hello babes! What are you up to? I’m going to shoot a bit with Oscar now since he is shooting with another girl later today..Yes he is abandoning me haha, no I’m kidding! He just brought home coffee so now I’m sipping on that while reading mails. Tomorrow we are thinking about going to the beach in the morning since it’s so nice weather here in Barcelona, I thought I was going to melt away when we took these pictures earlier this morning. Yes we had to take pictures really early today since the sunrise starts so early now. Anyway I’m SO excited for Primavera sound this week!! I will be there with H&M filming so if you see us say hello. Is anyone going? Love, N

21:44 | May 29, 2016



// Random pictures from our trips


In 3 weeks we are going to work in the Caribbean! I’m really longing for it when I see these pictures. I have organised all the folders on the computer so I decided to just post some random pictures in this post. Anyway I’m having a cold for the moment so I’m not feeling good at all. In Dubai they have the air condition so freaking cold everywhere and it’s around 30-33 degrees outside so the body gets like a shock. So yeah that sucks! Anyway tomorrow I’m going for some shopping since I’m finding 0 inspiration in my closet now, I need some summer updates since it’s finally summer here! Love, N

10:21 | May 29, 2016


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Summer is here!! Arrived from Dubai last night, cuddled a bit with Oscar and then I went straight to bed. Woke up today with a cold so I’m just going to take it easy. Oscar made gluten free banana pancakes for me so I had breakfast on the balcony and now I’m going to sit and work a bit. I have so much to do these days, it’s crazy. Next week it’s time for Primavera Sound and I’m going to work with H&M!! So excited for it, I will share many pictures and looks from the festival + a movie. Oscar had cleaned the whole apartment yesterday (I laughed so much at his Snapchat Oscarminyo) when I saw him cleaning haha. I’m happy to be back in Barcelona for at least 3 weeks, then we are off to the Caribbean for a really fun job! Love, N