7:08 | April 12, 2016


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Something I loved with Marrakech was these orange juice bars in the street. I think I drank over 20 of them during my stay haha. So cheap as well, around 40 cent for 1 drink (!!). And the best orange juice I’ve ever tried in my whole life. I wish they had this kind of cute street bars in Barcelona as well haha. I have to go to the photoshoot now, woke up 5 today so the bags under my eyes are pretty beautiful today, or not! Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat. I forgot my phone yesterday but today I will make sure to post some more! I’m going home from San Sebastian early tomorrow morning and then I’m off to Sweden. Love, N <3

18:59 | April 11, 2016


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Travel Tumblr Inspiration picturesPictures from: Tumblr

Hello babes! I’m in San Sebastian shooting for a surf/swimwear brand. It’s a bit colder here than in Barcelona that I can tell you hehe. It’s going really good and I’m working with an amazing team! <3 I feel so happy being able to work in different jobs every month, you meet so amazing people. I will try to post some backstage pictures tomorrow so that you can see what I’m up  to. In a few days I’m off to Sweden and I’m really excited for it. It’s been a while since I’ve been in my home town, Gothenburg! After that I’m going to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm to attend to the Finest Awards and 2 days after that it’s time for Finland before I head back to Barcelona. A lot of travelling in just a week but I hope that I will update the blog like normal. I will also prepare some posts for you so that my blog doesn’t stand still when I’m gone. It will be a mix of outfits from Barcelona and travel pictures from Morocco, I hope you don’t mind. I’m going to sleep now like sleeping is the only thing I know hehe. Lots of love from a sleeeepy girl, N <3

12:51 | April 10, 2016


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Babes! Don’t forget to vote for me in the Finest Awards 2016. I’m in the cathegory “årets nykomling i bloggvärlden” and you just have to click on my name to vote (CLICK HERE). I’m also nominated in the Finish Indiedays gala that will take place in Helsinki the 22-24 April. So feel free to vote for me there as well as the “Nordic blogger of the year” it goes really fast to vote there as well (click here to do it), you just have to click on my picture. Thank you so so much! You can vote everyday until the 21 April. Lots of love and thank you once again!! <3

10:14 | April 10, 2016



Sunset in the market, such a beautiful and magical place!Morocco-006

We met my friend Naelia and her boyfriend one night so she took this picture of us.OMP_7599

Colours of Morocco <3IMG_0177

My handsome love! @oscarminyo on Instagram.OMP_7643

My favourite restaurant in whole Marrakech, I went back here 3 times just to have this salad haha! It’s called Nomad and it’s in the center of everything. 

Putting on some lipstick, and enjoying a small escape to Jardin Majorell during the day.

Hello babes! I’m going to San Sebastian at 05.00 tomorrow morning so I will go to sleep very early today. Our home is such a mess and the bags are still unpacked since both of us had to jump in to work very fast when we came back. So today I will have to un-pack and then pack again since I’m staying 3 nights in San Sebastian. I’m shooting for a surf brand and I guess I will freeze my ass off since it’s only 10 degrees there haha. I just hope that I will not get sick since I have fun events in both Stockholm and Helsinki next week. Oscar just texted me and told me he is coming home today wiho! Love, N

18:32 | April 9, 2016

Riad Kheirredine



Hello babes. I had a meeting today and it went really good! It’s about a really big brand in Spain, and I will tell you more about it when it starts. I just made a quick dinner (soup with lentil and carrot) and now I’m off to the gym. I’m already missing this beautiful riad that we stayed in during our trip. The staff there was amazing and the room service was great. You just had to call 5 minutes before the breakfast to tell them where you wanted to eat, me and Oscar always choose the terrace hehe so in the end they didn’t even ask us where we wanted to sit “and moroccan tea without sugar yes?”..haha! The riad is very small so you get very close with everyone. I really like to stay in boutique hotels, they are so cozy! Oscar is working as a photographer at a wedding these days and when I go to San Sebastian he comes home hehe. It sucks, but I think it’s healthy for a relationship to be apart once in a while. Then you also get to miss each other which I think is important. Love, N <3