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IMG_0853Indiedays in FinlandIMG_0880Mirror mirrorIMG_0909Photshootnyt992-003Me & sweet Caroline & Olympus1U8A8728The famous blog camera haha! I will write more about it later. Find it here.IMG_0956Yummy for the tummyIMG_0985My favourite thing hehe..With Caroline & Sendi <3IMG_0987Clothes from VILA

Some picture from Indiedays, Helsinki. I met so many nice and inspiring people from whole Scandinavia. I’m really happy that I went there! I have some more pictures to show you so another post will come later this week. Today we are shooting a campaign for a English brand the whole day but I will try to update one more post later today when we come home. So fun to work with my boyfriend and one of my close friends here in Barcelona – this can only be good! Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat: Emitaz6 Love, N


Några bilder från Indiedays, Helsingfors. Jag träffade så många inspirerande människor från hela Skandinavien, så glad att jag var där! Har lite mer bilder att visa er men det får bli i ett annat inlägg lite senare i veckan. Idag ska vi plåta en kampanj för ett engelskt märke hela dagen men ska försöka uppdatera lite senare ikväll också. Det ska bli så kul att få jobba med Oscar och en av mina nära vänner här i Barcelona. Glöm inte att följa med på Snapchat: Emitaz6. Love, N 

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So this is the funniest competition I’ve ever had so far! You have the chance to go with me to Dubai in May! All you have to do is to to go in here and read a bit about it: http://www.vogue-eyewear.com/es/vogue-in-dubai. And then you have to post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #VogueInDubai (it can be any picture)!! The sad thing for many of you is that this competition only takes place with people who live in Spain. Feel free to tag me in the picture when you have done it so that I can see it. They will choose four winners that will come with me, CollageVintage & LadyAddict to Dubai the 26th to the 28th May. Good luck babes, I really hope to meet some of you there <3 Love, N


Hola!! Si quieres venir conmigo a Dubai a finales de mayo entra en el link http://www.vogue-eyewear.com/es/vogue-in-dubai y participa!! Leed las bases del concurso atentamente, pero básicamente tendréis que subir una foto con vuestro mejor look Vogue Eyewear con el hashtag #VogueInDubai (y etiquetadme en las fotos y así os veo!). Mucha suerte a todos! Qué ganas de conocer a 4 de mis seguidoras en Dubai!

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Outfits By: EMITAZ,Uncategorized

Top: Subdued // Jacket: Double Agent // Bag: Primark // Pants: Subdued // Shoes: Double Agent (Stradivarius has similar)

I just came from the gym – ah it’s feels great to be back after 10 days of eating like shit in Sweden haha! I think I ate candy everyday during my stay. Anyway I have to pack up my things now and then I’m going to the post office. I have so many things to go trough these days since I’ve been away from Barcelona. In 1 week we are going to Bali so I will have to prepare a lot of things for that as well. Tomorrow I’m shooting a campaign for a English brand with my friend Jessica. Oscar is actually going to be the photographer, I think that the picture will be great since all of us has worked together before. Did you like the outfit? I love the pants, so comfortable and a bit funny! I would wear them in a party as well with a black crop top and high heels. Love, N


Jag kom precis hem från gymmet. Det känns så bra att vara tillbaka efter att ha ätit skräpmat och godis i hela 10 dagar haha. Nu ska jag packa upp mina saker och efter det ska jag till posten. Har så mycket att göra de här dagarna, vi ska till Bali om 1 vecka så måste förbereda massor. Imorgon ska jag fotas för ett engelskt märke med Jessica och Oscar ska faktiskt vara fotograf! Jag tror att det kommer bli riktigt bra då vi har jobbat tillsammans förut. Gillade ni outfiten? Jag älskar byxorna, så bekväma och lite roliga! Till fest så hade jag haft en svart kort topp och klackskor. Love, N 

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– I’m working on a big project for the moment but you will not see it until next year or much later this year.

– I’m very stubborn. When I want something have to get it. I mean look at me:


– Oscar is one year younger than me.

– Oscar is more mature than me haha.

I’m turning 25 the 6 of June! In Sweden it’s a really “big” age so I’m kind of excited for it.

– I wish I had a Ford KA 2011. Miss my little black pearl!

– I never thought that I would meet  Oscar again after my vacation in Barcelona 2012.

– I want to live in L.A for 1 month this year.

– I hate to answer the phone if I don’t see who’s calling. I either let Oscar answer or I sms the person 2 seconds later like “Hello, who?..wtf do you want???? Why are you calling this number??? No I’m kidding but I just ask “hello, who is this?”.


(My first and only tattoo)

– I want two more tattoos. One moon (been wanting it forever now) my mothers name means moon in sinhalese. Also a sentence that I love, I just can’t decide where yet.

–  I love Swedish candy. That was the first thing I ate when I came to Sweden. Google “lösgodis” to see what I mean.

– The first time I saw Oscar in the club in Barcelona I told my best friend “that’s my future husband” joking just because I thought he looked good. And he had sms:ed his friend when he came home “I met my future wife tonight”. Haha..and here we are 4 years later. Not really ready to be husband and wife maybe but happier than ever. One day <3

– I really really like the events in Barcelona. Many times very organised and fun!

– If I ever move back to Sweden it will be Stockholm. All the love in the world for Gothenburg but I would love to live in a bigger city.

– I love small “surprises”. Anything from getting a cup of tea without asking for it to breakfast in the morning, flowers. And I love to do the same for Oscar ofcorse. In fact I do it much more haha..Love him anyway <3


Do you like these kind of lists? I thought it would be fun to do something random. Tomorrow I’m back with the outfits <3 Love, N

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IMG_0799 IMG_0786 IMG_0752 IMG_0789 IMG_0806 IMG_0740-2 IMG_0819



Aaah Stockholm, I love you! We had 3 amazing days in Stockholm and we are already planning to go back and spend some time in the summer there. It just sucks that we had 3 amazing sunny days and I had to work a lot in the hotel room. I also had a couple of meetings but at least we got to enjoy the city a little bit. I know that I have many international followers and about Stockholm… yes, it probably isn’t the most beautiful beach destination or the tropics haha but Stockholm is really, really beautiful. If you ever go there you should go in the summer! According to me June to August are the best months. The Scandic hotels that I stayed in have many different hotels around Stockholm and since someone asked me about it I think that the one I stayed in (Scandic Klara) was really perfect since it was in the centrum close to everything. Love, N