6:35 | April 29, 2016


By Oscar Minyo,Inspiration,Model Job

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What are you guys up to? I had such a bad day yesterday. I can’t even remember the last time I was so emotional unstable haha. You know when everything just goes sooo wrong? Even the weather haha…Normally I’m quite a positive person and I like to do stuff all the time. But yesterday I just felt so empty and sad about everything (drama queen). No but I guess it’s because I’m human and sometimes we have these kind of days. It’s been a lot these months so it feels great that we are off to Bali next week. But today is a new day! I’m just going to focus on myself, go to the gym, clean, eat something I really love like maybe Ben & Jerrys or drive to IKEA for some Swedish candy and watch Game Of Thrones with my love. The pictures above is from the photoshoot we did the other day, edited by me. It’s not the way the campaign will be edited. I promise to tell you when it’s out. I hope that you will have a great Friday. Did you like the photos by the way? I think they will be really cool with a good edit. Lots of love, N

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  1. Naiara on

    Me encantaría que hicieras un video “behind scenes” y otro que se viera cómo editas una foto por ejemplo! Guapisimas!

  2. aria on

    Don’t feel sad. But if you feel sad. Think about the life you have now. Think about the great men you have #oscarspecter. Your fam that’s always will love you. The things you can explor and see. When i am sad. I always eat candy or dance alot of salsa. And i always write about it. Why am i feeling like this. And when i am feeling great. I read it again. And thank god for the wonderfull things in my life. Your life emitaz is a gift. One of a kind. Embrace it xoxoxo

    • EmitazAdmin on

      Oooh =) This comment made me smile so much, especially when I read oscarspecter HAHA!! <3
      I bought a lot of candy yesterday for almost 10€ and then I forgot it on the train -.-
      Thank you for your kind words, so sweet that you took your time to make me smile.
      All the love in the world to you <3


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