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IMG_0656Went to the amazing Jennie in Salong Headzone in StockholmIMG_0496I got a tinting, I think it’s called like that? Not a colour but to take down the yellow parts in my hair. Babymilk1Then it was time to put in the extension! It only took around 30-40 minutes.IMG_0515

In progressIMG_0640

Tadá! Here is the website -> www.salongheadzone.se / Instagram: @Salongheadzone

It’s not that often I write about hair or beauty on the blog but here we go. So after spending a lot of time on the beach last year my hair took a looot of damage. And I decided to cut my hair a bit shorter than what I normally have so that my hair could rest a bit and I also wanted to get rid off my Christmas tree looking ends of my hair. So I felt like I had a bit boring length, I either want short or long. But since summer is coming I felt for long hair!  After doing some research on google I decided to put in tape extensions since according to many people on the internet it doesn’t damage the hair as much as the other extensions. So I called my friend Filippa that has these kind of extensions and she has seriously tried everything and she told me this was the best. So I decided to go to the saloon she goes to in Stockholm – and I’m so happy I did!! I loved the result. Normally you need around 5-6 packages but my hair is really really thick so I needed 11-12. A lot more than a “normal” person. I’ve had this for around 1 week and I’ve not had any trubbels with it so far. It’s the first time in my life that I have extensions. Many people puts in extensions to make the hair look thicker but I’ve always needed to do the opposite to cut my hair for it to look thinner and to be able to brush it. Anyone that has the same problem haha? Anyway I really recommend Salong Headzone if you ever go to Stockholm and say hello to the amazing Jennie she is a star. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Love, N



    • EmitazAdmin on

      I had to go through the pictures because first I was like “what bag??” haha..then I see that you mean the orange! It’s from Zara, 19€.
      Love, N <3

  1. Leticia on

    Hi again!
    Today it seems the day I am annoying you with all my comments and questions. Sorry for that, but I am going through your blog and when I found this post, I had a few queries about clip-extensions.
    How much did they cost?
    How long did they last? Did you get rid of them yourself, or did you have to go to a professional?
    What kind of care did you have to take of (any special requirements)?


    PS: The only way to know you respond to our comments is checking the same post?? It would be great to have some kind of alert


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