11:31 | April 27, 2016


Model Job

Hello from a really tired girl (it feels like I write that a lot haha) I guess I’m always tired. Anyway it’s raining so we are having a small break. We have been shooting for 2 days now, yesterday almost 10 hours – without any makeup artist, camera assistant (holding the reflector for the photographer) or stylist!! Just everything by ourselves hehe. Me, Jessica and Oscar. But I’m really proud of us pulling of a job that is normally done by at least 6 persons. It’s also in this photoshoot I realised how important every person is. For example the stylist makes sure that no tags are showing, that the hair looks good, that the clothes looks good, helps you if something is to big. We could have needed a stylist though since we were not 100% sure how everything was supposed to look like. Also having control what looks we have done was hard since many looked the same with just different colours. Ofcorse the the make up artist is important as well, but we did what we could haha, some mascara and foundation ;P In the pictures above we tried to play a bit since they wanted festival vibes. So yeah that blue eyeliner I’m having, you don’t want to zoom in there haha..For Oscar it was hard without anyone being able to help him, so we helped him when he did the solo shoots of us. It sucks that I don’t have any behind the scenes since it’s only the three of us working. But I will show you the result and I think you will like it a lot! Both me and Jessica went a bit crazy when we saw the pictures!! Even though it’s been really hard these two days we’ve had a lot of fun and we did our best. Now I have to start working again. Love, N

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