7:02 | April 30, 2016



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Since I wrote to you before I’m turning 25 in 2 months and I’m thinking about giving myself a little more expensive gift for my birthday. In Sweden 25 is a really big age, half way to 50 *crying face* haha..

No, but I’ve worked really hard this year and I’ve not really stopped since some months ago, soooo I’m having this as a little excuse to buy myself something nice hehe. It’s not everyday you go and buy a bag for 1000-1500€ but I’ve worked for every single penny so I’m going to get myself something nice. I’m not a girl that needs to wear brand bags everyday, my favourite for the moment is one for 25€ from Stardivarius, you know me haha. But I’ve been having my eyes on number 4, the black Saint Laurent bag for a while now and 1390€ feels a lot but I use these kind of bags often so I thought why not. I like the red camera bag from Chloé as well but black feels like I will use the one from Saint Laurent much more. But ofcorse the one I wanted was sold out so I will see what I buy. Maybe I will buy it later in the summer when we are going to L.A. I was telling Oscar the other day that I was going to buy a really expensive bag (for me this is really expensive) and he was so sweet “ofcorse you should by yourself a bag, which one are you buying?” Seriously when your boyfriend supports you to buy a bag for 1390€, you’ve found the one haha. Which on is your favourite? I would LOVE to know!! Love, N


Som jag berättat tidigare så fyller jag 25 om 2 månader och jag har tänkt att ge mig själv en lite dyrare present i år. I Sverige är ju 25 en rätt så speciell ålder att fylla, halvvägs till 50 wihoo. Nu fick jag ångest haha.

Nej men har jobbat väldigt hårt det här året och inte riktigt slutat sedan några månader tillbaka så jag har detta som en liten ursäkt för att köpa något dyrt till mig själv hehe. Det är inte varje dag man går och köper en väska för 10 000-15 000 SEK men jag har jobbat för varje krona så nu ska jag unna mig något fint. Jag är ju inte tjejen som använder märkesväskor varje dag, min favorit just nu är en väska från Stardivarius för 250 SEK, you know me hehe. Men jag har länge spanat in nummer 4 så länge nu så tänkte köpa den. Så klart var den slutsåld så jag får se vad hur jag gör, kanske väntar tills vi åker till L.A i slutet av sommaren. Jag sa till Oscar häromdagen att jag skulle köpa en riktigt dyr väska (för mig är detta väldigt dyrt) och han var så söt “så klart att du ska köpa en väska, vilken blir det?”. När din pojkvän stöttar dig till att köpa en väska för nästan 14 000 kr så vet man att man hittat den rätta haha. Vilken är eran favorit? Love, N 


6:35 | April 29, 2016


By Oscar Minyo,Inspiration,Model Job

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What are you guys up to? I had such a bad day yesterday. I can’t even remember the last time I was so emotional unstable haha. You know when everything just goes sooo wrong? Even the weather haha…Normally I’m quite a positive person and I like to do stuff all the time. But yesterday I just felt so empty and sad about everything (drama queen). No but I guess it’s because I’m human and sometimes we have these kind of days. It’s been a lot these months so it feels great that we are off to Bali next week. But today is a new day! I’m just going to focus on myself, go to the gym, clean, eat something I really love like maybe Ben & Jerrys or drive to IKEA for some Swedish candy and watch Game Of Thrones with my love. The pictures above is from the photoshoot we did the other day, edited by me. It’s not the way the campaign will be edited. I promise to tell you when it’s out. I hope that you will have a great Friday. Did you like the photos by the way? I think they will be really cool with a good edit. Lots of love, N

8:41 | April 28, 2016



IMG_0656Went to the amazing Jennie in Salong Headzone in StockholmIMG_0496I got a tinting, I think it’s called like that? Not a colour but to take down the yellow parts in my hair. Babymilk1Then it was time to put in the extension! It only took around 30-40 minutes.IMG_0515

In progressIMG_0640

Tadá! Here is the website -> www.salongheadzone.se / Instagram: @Salongheadzone

It’s not that often I write about hair or beauty on the blog but here we go. So after spending a lot of time on the beach last year my hair took a looot of damage. And I decided to cut my hair a bit shorter than what I normally have so that my hair could rest a bit and I also wanted to get rid off my Christmas tree looking ends of my hair. So I felt like I had a bit boring length, I either want short or long. But since summer is coming I felt for long hair!  After doing some research on google I decided to put in tape extensions since according to many people on the internet it doesn’t damage the hair as much as the other extensions. So I called my friend Filippa that has these kind of extensions and she has seriously tried everything and she told me this was the best. So I decided to go to the saloon she goes to in Stockholm – and I’m so happy I did!! I loved the result. Normally you need around 5-6 packages but my hair is really really thick so I needed 11-12. A lot more than a “normal” person. I’ve had this for around 1 week and I’ve not had any trubbels with it so far. It’s the first time in my life that I have extensions. Many people puts in extensions to make the hair look thicker but I’ve always needed to do the opposite to cut my hair for it to look thinner and to be able to brush it. Anyone that has the same problem haha? Anyway I really recommend Salong Headzone if you ever go to Stockholm and say hello to the amazing Jennie she is a star. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Love, N


11:31 | April 27, 2016


Model Job

Hello from a really tired girl (it feels like I write that a lot haha) I guess I’m always tired. Anyway it’s raining so we are having a small break. We have been shooting for 2 days now, yesterday almost 10 hours – without any makeup artist, camera assistant (holding the reflector for the photographer) or stylist!! Just everything by ourselves hehe. Me, Jessica and Oscar. But I’m really proud of us pulling of a job that is normally done by at least 6 persons. It’s also in this photoshoot I realised how important every person is. For example the stylist makes sure that no tags are showing, that the hair looks good, that the clothes looks good, helps you if something is to big. We could have needed a stylist though since we were not 100% sure how everything was supposed to look like. Also having control what looks we have done was hard since many looked the same with just different colours. Ofcorse the the make up artist is important as well, but we did what we could haha, some mascara and foundation ;P In the pictures above we tried to play a bit since they wanted festival vibes. So yeah that blue eyeliner I’m having, you don’t want to zoom in there haha..For Oscar it was hard without anyone being able to help him, so we helped him when he did the solo shoots of us. It sucks that I don’t have any behind the scenes since it’s only the three of us working. But I will show you the result and I think you will like it a lot! Both me and Jessica went a bit crazy when we saw the pictures!! Even though it’s been really hard these two days we’ve had a lot of fun and we did our best. Now I have to start working again. Love, N

14:22 | April 26, 2016


Outfits By: EMITAZ
OMP_2679nyt992-004OMP_2721OMP_2661OMP_2665OMP_2702OMP_2667nyt992-005 OMP_2763

Top (bathing suit): Banana Moon Jacket: Zara // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Bag: Primark // Shorts:


Done with the photoshoot! I’m pretty tired since we woke up at 06.00 this morning, we had to catch the sunset hehe. I think that the pictures will turn out great! So fun to work with Oscar and Jessica. We didnt have anyone that could help us with the behind the scenes pictures, but you will get some “real” photos tomorrow. By the way did you like this look? I really like it – all black! The swimsuit is going with me to Bali next week, one of my new favourites! Love, N


Vi är äntligen klara med plåtningen! Jag är lite trött då vi gick upp 06.00 i morse, Oscar ville nämligen fånga soluppgången. Har sett lite av bilderna och jag tror att det kommer bli grymt! Så kul att få jobba med min pojkvän och en av mina nära vänner Jessica. Vi har tyvärr inga “behind the scenes” bilder men ni får de riktiga snart! Förresten gillade ni outfiten – helsvart! Baddräkten får följa med till Bali nästa vecka, en av mina nya favoriter! Love, N